Equity upgrade lease

Use the equity in your IT equipment to finance your next upgrades

An equity upgrade lease from IBM Global Financing lets you use the equity in your existing purchased equipment to finance upgrades without changing the accounting treatment of your assets. It keeps your payments low, and requires no current period book write-off.

This is an outstanding opportunity to convert your IT equipment strategy from ownership to leasing, and offers highly competitive rates while eliminating the risks of ownership such as equipment obsolescence and disposal.

With an equity upgrade lease, IBM Global Financing writes a Fair Market Value lease on the upgrade, crediting you for the equity you have already built up in your purchased base. As part of the agreement, you sign a document renouncing ownership in the leased assets at the end of the lease term, when title for the equipment will be transferred to IBM Global Financing.

Even the disposal of your assets will be managed by IBM Global Financing in accordance with EPA guidelines, and United States federal, state and local laws. Because you retain title to the equipment for the duration of the lease period, an equity upgrade lease doesn't require you to change your accounting treatment of the assets, so you won't suffer a book loss on the investments you've already made.

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