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Important message regarding a New Tool for EOL decisions to be taken by US (only) Customers


A comprehensive end of lease guide

IBM Global Financing customers leasing equipment with a fair market value end of lease option may either: purchase the equipment; renew the initial lease for another year or other renewal period; extend the lease on a monthly basis; or return the equipment to IBM Global Financing.

To get more information about your end of lease options, download the infographic or go to the end of lease options page.

You can notify* us about your end of lease decision either by sending an email to askeol@us.ibm.com , or by returning the hard copy of the End of Lease quote to our fax number (1-800-677-5209), or by using our online tool, Customer Centre**. If we do not receive timely written notice of your end of lease decision, the leases for such equipment will automatically be extended on a month-to-month basis according to the terms and conditions of your lease contract.

If you decide to return the leased equipment to us you can use any transportation company of your choice. You are responsible for the equipment until it arrives at our designated return location. You need to ensure that equipment is packed appropriately to avoid any damage. In case of damage to the equipment you will be charged according to the terms and conditions of your lease contract.

Please ensure that all equipment being returned is sent to the designated IBM Global Financing return location for such equipment. Check United States and Canada return locations along with other important information in the section below.

If you need an End of Lease quote, please contact us at askeol@us.ibm.com or call us directly at 1-800-IBM-3552 in United States and Canada. (Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm Eastern Time Zone).

Do you want to return your leased equipment?

If you want to return your leased equipment*, please notify IBM Global Financing of your decision.

You are responsible for arranging the return of your equipment (deinstalling, packing and shipment) and for ensuring that assets arrive in good condition and working order.

We are expecting to receive only the same equipment detailed in your End of Lease quote or latest lease invoice that is scheduled for return to us.

Please read policy concerning EXACT SERIAL NUMBER MATCH EQUIPMENT .

End of Lease return locations

If you are returning personal computers (PCs), make sure to visit our PC Return Guide on the right. It will help you to make the entire process as simple as possible and keep any associated costs to a minimum.

Return documentation

Make sure your Bill of Lading is filled out with:

Company name
Return address (City, State/Province, Zip Code)
Contact name
Contact phone number

Please ensure shipment is in care of IBM Credit LLC as outlined in the returns address.

Attention: You are responsible for arranging for the transportation of any equipment and for ensuring compliance with all regulatory conditions for import or export of any equipment prior to returning such equipment to us.

For equipment that requires deinstallation and/or is under maintenance


If your equipment needs to be deinstalled by a qualified engineer, IBM will gladly provide a quote for the deinstallation of such equipment. Please call the numbers below:

United States: HW and SW Services (Deinstallation/Packing): 1-888-426-4343, option 2. Emergency Assistance HW and SW: 1-800-426-7378.

Canada: Maintenance, Deinstallation and Packing: 1-506-646-4000.

IBM machine types 9125, 0207 and 2817 (“Servers”) may contain a water solution coolant that may be subject to regulations governing the proper handling and disposal of such coolant (“Solution”). If Lessee has leased such Servers and they are due to be returned, Lessee acknowledges and agrees that Lessee shall retain title to such Solution and is responsible for the handling and disposal of such Solution in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, Lessee acknowledges and agrees that prior to the return of such Servers to Lessor, Lessee is responsible for the disposal of this Solution in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and product characteristics, at the time of such disposal. Lessee’s obligation, under the indemnification provisions of the Lease, includes any third party claims arising in connection with the Lessee’s possession, use, handling or disposal of such Solution, which obligation shall survive termination or expiration of the Lease.

Maintenance, program and peripherals

If you have ongoing maintenance agreements on any of the equipment you are returning, please remember to ask your service provider to cancel the maintenance or you will continue to be invoiced and will be responsible for all amounts due. If IBM is your maintenance provider, please call the number below. The same number should be used if you have any program or peripherals associated with the equipment being returned that should be transferred to another item of equipment on IBM's records.

United States: Discontinue maintenance services provided by IBM.

Canada: Discontinue maintenance services provided by IBM: csomaint@ca.ibm.com


* Our standard lease contract requires customer’s written end of lease notice at least 30 days prior to the lease expiration date. If your lease contract is already billing on a month-to-month basis, consult your lease contract as you may still be required to send us your written notice 30 days prior to your end of lease decision. For additional information about end of lease notice, please check the terms and conditions of your lease contract.

** Get more information about Customer Centre tool and how to register or contact askeol@us.ibm.com.


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End of lease Returns Guide for PC Equipment

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