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Manage your IT leases online to simplify administration and reduce costs with Customer Centre

Enterprises that lease assets through IBM Global Financing can take advantage of Customer Centre—our secure, online lease management tool that lets you track and manage all aspects of your leased assets worldwide.

Customer Centre aggregates all your global leased asset data into a centralized tool so you can effectively and efficiently manage every piece of leased equipment throughout its term-from acceptance of equipment through end of lease and asset disposition.

The Customer Centre tool is comprised of three modules—Delivery Confirmation, Lease Management, and End of Lease—which you can use individually or in any combination that best suits your business needs.

Why use Customer Centre?

Customer Centre offers powerful, easy-to-use features and capabilities that can help you cut costs by:

Customer Centre also eliminates a great deal of paperwork and, because it is Web-based, lets you manage your lease portfolio any time, anywhere. Use Customer Centre to:

To start using Customer Centre, you must be an active leasing customer of IBM Global Financing and:

*Available in the United States only

Enroll instructions

To use Customer Centre, you must be an IBM Global Financing customer.

To request more information about Customer Centre and find out which modules (Delivery Confirmation, Lease Management or End of Lease) will best fit your needs, contact your IBM Global Financing representative or have a representative contact you.

Features and capabilities

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Customer Centre uses your IBM Global Financing account information to load a detailed record for every leased or financed item, and numerous data fields for each item, so you can:

Learning series

Learn how Customer Centre works

Customer Centre features a full spectrum of powerful lease management functions. Explore some of them in the tutorials below.
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Learning Series function Customer Centre Module
Accept and electronically sign a new delivery confirmation document Delivery Confirmation
Edit, send for review and send for signature a delivery confirmation document Delivery Confirmation
Customizing, using favorites, creating a print version, and downloading delivery confirmation documents Delivery Confirmation
Manage your financed items during the lease term Lease Management
Customize financed item reports to meet your requirements Lease Management
Create a report of financed item details Lease Management
Download invoice details of your leased assets Lease Management
Forecast estimated payments Lease Management
Manage your leased assets in multiple countries Lease management
View your end of lease choices and electronically submit decisions* End of lease
Create customized end of lease reports to analyze your options* End of lease
Learning Series function - IBM End of Lease Centre Customer Centre Module
View your end-of-lease choices and electronically submit decisions (guest ID only) . IBM End of Lease Centre
View your end-of-lease options and electronically submit decisions (registered IBM users) IBM End of Lease Centre
Save a draft and electronically submit decisions (registered IBM users) IBM End of Lease Centre
Create end-of-lease reports to analyze your options and review the additional resources available in IBM End of Lease Centre (registered IBM users) IBM End of Lease Centre
*Available in United States only

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