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In today's competitive World...realizing the full value of business innovation through the integration of technology... is a key strategic imperative.

However, as results from a recent worldwide CEO survey have shown..., limited funding for investment is one of the most significant obstacles to business innovation and improvement That's why IBM has created a new Enterprise wide approach to address this obstacle, enabling our Clients to realize the full value of business innovation and stay ahead in the game.

The offer?

An Enterprise IT Financing Facility that is customized around the full scope of all assets and integration investments.

With a focus on enablement, flexibility and accountability, it's great news for CFOs and CIOs who need a tailored IT financing facility with emphasis on Technology Life Cycle and Total Cost of Ownership.

It's ideal for businesses with multiple transactions - by offering more competitive rates compared to rates achieved by individual transaction negotiations.

This comprehensive facility covers all aspects of your business including both IBM and non IBM suppliers.

Plus, the facility allows you to customize your financing with 'On Demand' terms to control the cash flow of your business by deciding when to draw and when to pay.

In addition, your subsidiaries will be able to utilize the credit strength of the group, Thereby allowing a network of businesses around the world to share in time and money savings... with support available in over 40 countries.

With the IBM Enterprise IT Financing Facility you now have the option of a multi year commitment covering your full range of IT expenditure.

You'll have financing for planned IT expenditures, but you'll also have the flexibility to address unforeseen challenges.

And by negotiating terms and rates upfront, you can execute individual transactions more effectively across the entire enterprise - saving both time and money.

Establish a long-term agreement to fund the full scope of your global IT investments

The IBM Enterprise IT Financing Facility provides major corporations with a vehicle to implement comprehensive, efficient, customized and cost-effective lease and loan structures for IT hardware, software and services-ranging from $50 to $500 million.

IBM Global Financing provides a single, integrated financing source for both IBM and non-IBM components, which facilitates optimizing all the required elements of an IT finance solution. This strategy upgrades companies from managing an IT portfolio of "ad hoc" transactions to management of organized IT financing processes.

This unique financing proposition is designed to cover multiple countries and subsidiary organizations via one centrally negotiated contract. It offers exceptional efficiency benefits to global companies that are making a large number of IT acquisitions over multiple years.

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