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 Mainframe50: Making the extraordinary financially possible

IBM Mainframe50 - a trusted computing platform for the digital era with financing resources to help make the extraordinary financially possible.

When IBM unveiled the System/360 line of Mainframe computers, it was one of the most transformational products of any kind in history.  Since that time, mainframe computers have changed the way the world works by enabling countless innovations and enabling industry, enterprise and societal change. For over 30 years IBM Global Financing has helped IBM System z clients get the most out of their System z investments with flexible financing options, expertise and proven results.

IBM mainframe servers continue to help our clients make the extraordinary possible with new and enhanced offerings that reinforce the IBM mainframe as the premier trusted computing platform for the digital era driving new approaches to cloud, analytics, security and mobile computing to help tackle challenges never before thought possible.

IBM Global Financing can help IT decision makers develop an IT funding strategy to take advantage of new disruptive forces—mobile, analytics, cloud and security—today with the IT and financial flexibility you need for ongoing competitive advantage


We can help you make the extraordinary financially possible


For IBM System z clients worldwide we provide:

IT and financial flexibility:

Competitive advantage:

The ability to accelerate business transformation:

Peace of mind:

IBM Global Financing, the world’s largest IT financier, can provide credit-qualified clients a robust, long-term financing and asset management strategy that meets their precise financial objectives across the full spectrum of technology needs--from zEnterprise equipment upgrades to massive data center transformation projects built on a zEnterprise foundation.

Whether you are upgrading, consolidating platforms or migrating to IBM, IBM Global Financing can deliver a total, end-to-end financing solution that helps you obtain higher economic value from your zEnterprise investments.

Our suite of offerings can help you address all your zEnterprise IT funding requirements:

Flexible leases and loans - leverage our Full Market Value (FMV) leases with strong residual values for optimal value and refresh flexibility.

zEnterprise technology upgrades – whether you own or lease your System z equipment, we can help you move to the latest technology with minimal budget impact with a choice of financed in-place upgrades or a non-disruptive side-by-side migration to zEnterprise. Contact your IBM Global Financing representative to learn more.

IBM Project Financing - a customized, all-inclusive financial package for services, infrastructure solutions and business transformation projects.

IBM Enterprise IT Financing Facility - a vehicle to implement comprehensive, efficient, customized and cost-effective lease and loan structures for IT hardware, software and services--ranging from $50 to $500 million. It offers exceptional efficiencies to global companies that are making a large number of IT acquisitions over multiple years.

Open Infrastructure Offering - allows you to establish a single, customized agreement to simplify paying for your large-scale IT investments while improving price performance and providing interest rate protection for the life of your investments.

Read more about how we can accelerate your move to zEnterprise or contact your IBM Global Financing representative for more information.

For new accounts, IBM Global Financing can help accelerate your move to IBM zEnterprise by replacing upfront costs with predictable monthly payments to help you better match consolidation or migration costs with expected benefits.

This, combined with our strong residual values and competitive financing rates with flexible and friendly terms, can help accelerate payback, improve ROI and lower your TCO. What's more, we can:

Read more about how we can accelerate your move to zEnterprise or contact your IBM Global Financing representative for more information.

Benefits of IBM Global Financing

One immediate benefit of using IBM Global Financing is to turn large upfront costs into affordable monthly installments. We can finance all IBM equipment and select third party technologies to make them affordable. Other benefits of IBM Global Financing help you to:

  • Lower overall cost and reduce the budget impact of technology acquisition
  • Conserve cash to use for other strategic needs and investments
  • Maximize cash flow and accelerate a project’s cash flow break-even point with payment terms that align costs with anticipated benefits
  • Accelerate the acquisition of technology
  • Reduce the risk of technological obsolescence
  • Acquire IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment offerings that enable access to reliable IBM technology when new is not an option
  • Dispose of obsolete technology in accordance with environmental laws and regulations

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