Boost cash flow by selling your fixed IT assets and then leasing them back

If you need an immediate cash infusion, and you own your IT equipment, consider a sale-leaseback transaction in which you sell your assets to IBM Global Financing and then lease them back at a highly competitive rate. During challenging economic times, where credit is tight, sale-leaseback offers a powerful way to free up cash to use for upgrades or other investments.

By engaging in a sale-leaseback—and no longer owning your assets—you'll enjoy the long-term and multifold benefits of leasing, which enables you to regularly and easily adapt your IT assets to avoid technology obsolescence.

Other sale-leaseback benefits include:

  • Potential capital and tax advantages
  • Establishing a regular refresh cycle that includes technology refresh options during your lease and at the end of the lease term, when you can return your assets and acquire new technology
  • Eliminating costs and hassles associated with asset disposition

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