As you protect your business inside and out with pervasive encryption,
we can help fund the project

As you turn relevant data into predictive behavior with machine learning on mainframe,
we can help fund the project

As you accelerate development of your mainframe cloud and expand at an enterprise scale,
we can help fund the project

As you speed up transactions and build relationships with Blockchain on mainframe,
we can help fund the project

As you upgrade or migrate to the new mainframe, we can help fund the project 

Build and maintain your mainframe infrastructure

  • Lower total cost of acquisition and total cost of ownership
  • Match costs to anticipated project milestones
  • Improve return on investment
  • Adopt an IT lifecycle strategy to keep technology current

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Deliver digital trust with a modern mainframe infrastructure designed for unmatched security, transparency and agility.

Learn more about IBM Global Financing offerings

With more than 35 years of IT financing expertise, IBM Global Financing is the world’s largest IT captive financer, with clients from local small to global large in over 60 countries around the world.

Our financing offerings span from simple payment plans at 0% interest, to highly customized solutions for a total IT infrastructure from IBM and other vendors.

Financing Analytics

Optimize cash flow with financing options for your analytics solution

Financing Watson

Benefit from flexible and strategic IT financing options for Watson solutions.

Financing Security

Minimize upfront cash outlays and meet budgetary needs with IT financing.

Financing Services

Make the most out of your IT investments with financing options.

Buyback of retired equipment

Realize the maximum residual cash value of your retired mobile devices and PCs.