Why wait? Start your IT projects now with payments starting in 2018.

Need flexibility in your IT budget this time of the year? IBM Global Financing can help you get started today and be ready to meet the new business challenges and opportunities in 2018.

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Prepare for tomorrow today with a seamless financing plan.

Navigate past budget obstacles with a payment plan from IBM Global Financing. We can:

  • Offer an alternative source of capital
  • Help optimize your cash flow
  • Help reduce your total cost of ownership

Our portfolio of customized financing solutions, with rates as low as 0%, and asset recovery solutions can help fund your IT solutions throughout the entire lifecycle for IBM and non-IBM hardware, software (including prepaid SaaS), and services.

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With more than 35 years of IT financing expertise, IBM Global Financing is the world’s largest IT captive financer, with clients from local small to global large in over 60 countries around the world.

Our financing offerings span from simple payment plans at 0% interest, to highly customized solutions for a total IT infrastructure from IBM and other vendors.

Financing Analytics

Optimize cash flow with financing options for your analytics solution

Financing Watson

Benefit from flexible and strategic IT financing options for Watson solutions.

Financing Security

Minimize upfront cash outlays and meet budgetary needs with IT financing.

Financing Services

Make the most out of your IT investments with financing options.

Buyback of retired equipment

Realize the maximum residual cash value of your retired mobile devices and PCs.