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IBM Business Partners that use IBM Global Financing to empower their clients give themselves a distinct advantage in the sales process. Our financing helps you overcome your clients’ cost and budgeting challenges, making your solutions more attractive and your sales process more effective.

To help grow your business, IBM Global Financing can provide financing for your clients’ complete IT lifecycle. This includes leases, loans, pre-owned equipment and end-of-life asset management, enabling you to offer a full suite of financing solutions.

As an added benefit for our partners, we also provide qualified partners with working capital to finance their own day-to-day operations or grow their businesses.

When we look at offering the customer the best total solution, we want to bring our client the best price, and by offering an IBM Global Financing solution we can often show that the value of the payment stream to the client is often 15-20% less than the cost of if the client had to pay cash.

— Michelina Di Sibio, Financial Solutions Manager, OnX Enterprise Solutions

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