IBM End of Lease Centre*

IBM Global Financing’s web tool for your End of Lease decisions to be submitted. This tool enables clients to log in using an access number received by email/mail.

At the IBM End of Lease Centre sign in screen, you will be prompted to enter your access number, and some users may need to answer additional security questions, in order to view your equipment that is coming to end of lease.

Your access number is unique to your company, and, therefore, you should safeguard it appropriately.

You can choose to log in either as a guest user or a registered IBM user.

We encourage you to help us go paperless by choosing to receive your access letter by email.

Please contact or for further details visit the IBM End of Lease Centre.

Task of Feature Guest User Registered IBM User
Sign in to the IBM End of Lease Centre profile
Ability to update your IBM End of Lease Centre profile
View your submitted decisions
Save your decisions in draft status
Submit partial decisions
Change your draft and submitted decisions
Download your data to a .csv file
Search for equipment for easy grouping
Update multiple decisions at one time
View multiple contracts at one time regardless of the month