Asset Recovery Solutions

Fixed Price Buyback Service

From the largest worldwide enterprise to the smallest home office business, the problem is essentially the same: You need to upgrade your IT platform to be competitive, but you've got equipment on hand that has to be disposed of - properly, economically, and if at all possible, profitably.

That's where IBM Express Asset Recovery Solutions comes in. With an established, worldwide remarketing network for reselling IT equipment with residual value, and an efficient and fully compliant disposal infrastructure, IBM offers you a simple, safe and economical solution to the problem of unwanted IT equipment.

Get more value out of your equipment
Our Fixed Price Buyback offering provides you with the opportunity to maximise the value of your redundant assets by receiving cash back for units which have a remarketable value. We agree a set buyback price with you up front and then following the receipt of your assets we confirm the specification of each machine and test its functionality. For assets in good working order, we will pay you the agreed buyback price. IBM then absorbs the inventory risk during the sale cycle to the secondary market.

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IBM Express Asset Recovery Solutions buyback service can help you:

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