PC - Shipping and Receiving

There is no requirement to use a particular carrier or shipping company, but we recommend that you use a specialist IT removal company. Assistance with shipping can be provided for a fee. Please refer to your Returns Confirmation Letter for details of who to contact directly for a quote for this service.

Regardless of your transportation decision, make sure that you follow the packing instructions in the 'Packing the Equipment' section of this guide to avoid damage and to ensure that your return can be properly identified. You continue to be responsible for the safe and secure handling of equipment until it arrives at our designated location. Following receipt at our Asset Recovery Centre a full check of equipment returned will be completed. Due to the high volumes of equipment received at our facility we are unable to return equipment shipped in error. Please check to make sure all assets being returned are intended for return to IBM Global Financing. By employing this check you will avoid a fee for the environmental disposal of any additional machines received.

Palletising vs.single-unit shipping
The most cost-effective way to ship larger quantities of equipment is through palletising. Palletising can reduce costs significantly and, if done properly, will not increase the risk of damage to the equipment. We recommend palletising for shipments of 120 or more PCs or 75 or more monitors.

Guidelines on the use of pallets:

  1. Stacking of pallets should be avoided as this may lead to equipment damage whilst in transit.
  2. All pieces should fit squarely within the edges of the pallet.
  3. There should be no edges overhanging the pallet but some underhang is permissible (no more than five cm if possible). This optimises utilisation of the pallet and transport capacity and can reduce transportation costs significantly.
  4. Pack together products of the same family of nearly the same size (for example Desktops). Please read the Packing the Equipment section of this Guide for guidance on palletising by product family.
  5. Use a pallet of acceptable condition (no missing or broken deckboards or blocks, no surfacing nails).
  6. Use corrugated or cardboard dividers between pallet and product and between layers of products.
  7. Protect the unit load against mechanical impact from outside with cardboard or bubble wrap.
  8. Apply proper edge protection.
  9. Properly secure the stack with stretch wrap or banding (not too tight, not too loose).
  10. We recommend that you do not use pallets for shipments which are not large enough to fill the surface of a pallet or where the sides of containers overhang the sides of the pallet.

All end of lease PCs must be returned to the designated location with a copy of your Returns Confirmation Letter. Following receipt at our Asset Recovery Centre the logistics of receiving, asset verification and where necessary, refurbishment of our leased PCs is performed. Each asset is scanned into our system during the receipt process to determine the correct receipt of items and then passed through our inspection process where it is examined for good working order, correct configuration and cosmetic damage.

Scheduling returns
When you notify us of your returns decision you will be sent a Returns Confirmation Letter which will include your Return Note Number. It is very important that you retain this letter as it will be used in the process of scheduling your return. If, under the terms of your lease, IBM are responsible for the transport of the return, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment for collection. Where it is your responsibility to return the equipment, assistance with shipping can be provided for a fee. Please refer to your Returns Confirmation Letter for details of who to contact directly for a quote for this service. If you choose to use your own carrier to return the equipment, you must contact the designated returns location, or instruct your carrier to do so on your behalf, to arrange an appointment for the delivery of the equipment. The delivery address, contact details and hours of operation are detailed in your Returns Confirmation Letter. The Returns Confirmation Letter is your delivery paperwork and for security reasons the delivery will not be accepted without it. Please ensure that your carrier has a copy of the Returns Confirmation Letter to be included with the return.

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