PC - Returning the Equipment

What to return
All items received with the equipment at installation must be returned at lease end and packed with the assigned machine. Publications and diskettes should be returned in the same box as the PC, if available. This includes any Installation and User's Guides, and Technical Reference Manuals. In addition to all financed features, the parts listed in the table must be returned with the leased asset since they are all critical to the function of the PC.

The 'Certification of Authenticity' adhesive label for each unit's software licence must remain affixed to the unit. However, if attached to an owners manual, then the manual is required to be returned with the COA attached. Missing COAs reduce the market value of the unit due to the cost incurred for obtaining a new licence.

Remove passwords, and customer stickers
All security passwords, including power-on, administrative and hard drive passwords, must be removed prior to returning the PC. Password-protection on a computer renders the unit valueless. If we can not clear the password, a charge will be issued for the end-of-lease purchase price for the unit. In addition, all stickers that reference your company must be removed.


Confidential Data
We perform a single disk wipe free of charge for all returned machines that were included in your original lease. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that any confidential data is removed prior to returning the equipment. If you would like your disks overwritten to a higher specification, this can be arranged for a fee by contacting your local IBM Global Financing representative. Please note that even the highest degree of wiping cannot assure zero percent recovery. IBM does not accept liability for any confidential information recovered from returned PCs.

Your responsibilities when returning equipment :
You may select any carrier for the return of IBM Global Financing equipment, but we recommend that you use a specialist IT removal company. Assistance with shipping can be provided for a fee. Please refer to your Returns Confirmation Letter for details of who to contact directly for a quote for this service.

The responsibility for this return lies with you, the customer, not the carrier. If the carrier fails to perform their responsibilities as you have requested, you must address these concerns directly with the carrier, not IBM Global Financing.

Please be advised that since your carrier will be unable to verify the serial number of the equipment being loaded if it has already been packed for return ,additional reconciliation may be required. Final verification of the serial number will occur upon the return, unpacking and receipt of the asset by IBM Global Financing at our facility.

Condition and completeness of equipment:
All equipment must be complete with all components, including cables. You will be charged for missing items. The original lease configuration must be returned along with any mid-lease feature changes that were added to the lease.

Charges due under the contract will be billed to you. These may include:

Parts which should be returned with your PC
Notebooks Desktops Servers Monitors Printers
Power cord
AC adapter
Floppy Drive
Covers and bezels
Rear connecting door
Port replicator
Power cord
Pedestal/Mini tower with base
Cables/cable covers
Power cord
Power cord
Tilt/swivel stand
Signal cable
Cable/cable covers
Control panel doors
Power cord
Paper trays
Sheet feeders
Toner cartridge
* This list is not all-inclusive; any other parts shipped with the PC should be returned.

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