PC - Inspection Criteria

Problem Description Current Charge Range
System Board Machine returned an error indicating system board failure, Power On Self Test (POST) failure, defective system board. €50-€300
Admin. Password lock Admin. Password not removed from machine, locking processor/hard drive. €100-€175
Hard drive Missing, damaged, nonfunctioning drive or drive is smaller than model specification. €20-€80
Memory Missing, damaged, nonfunctioning memory or memory is incompatible with model specifications (voltage and parity vs. non-parity). €20-€50
Case Any cracks found in case, including but not limited to cracks in lid, base, keyboard frame, or on keyboard surface, severely scratched case, case discoloured/faded yellow. €25-€100
Notebook LCD (Liquid crystal display) Scratches, cracks, burned image on LCD, mousedots, cloudy screen. €100-€300
Notebook keyboard Non-functioning keyboard. €50
Battery Missing or wrong battery returned with machine. €50
CD-ROM/DVD Missing, damaged or nonfunctioning CD-ROM or DVD. €20
Floppy Drive Missing, damaged or nonfunctioning floppy drive. €20
AC Adaptor Missing, damaged or nonfunctioning AC Adaptor. €35
PCMCIA adaptor cards/connectors Missing, damaged or nonfunctioning PCMCIA card/connectors (e.g. Modem, network card). €10
PC keyboard Missing keyboard. €10
PC Mouse Missing mice. €10
Damaged monitor (CRT and flat panel displays) Monitor will not power on, does not display picture or is physically cracked or shattered. €30-€140
Burnt screen monitor (CRT and flat panel displays) Lines or characters burnt or scratched into the screen, more than 1" along border or > 1 character in size, mid-screen, distorted colour quality. €40
Monitor tilt/swivel base Missing or damaged pedestal. €10
Monitor power cord Missing or damaged power cord. €10-€35
Monitor signal cable Missing or damaged signal cable. €10
Monitor power adaptor Missing or damaged power adaptor. €10
Toner cartridge Missing or damaged toner cartridge €10 - €20
Printer failure Printer will not power on. €40

*Prices and charges subject to change without notice due to fluctuating parts prices, availability and newly identified damage.

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