0% Financing for Lotus products


IBM Global Financing (IGF) and IBM Software Group (SWG) have announced 0% financing over 2 or 3 years on all Lotus products (with the exception of Lotus Live).

This offering is available through Direct & Business Partner Sales Channels.

With CFOs expecting payback in less than 12 months and intensely focused on cash flow, the question they ask is: “Is this the right investment, right now?”

This promotion uses financing to accelerate the break-even point for your Lotus investment. It turns up front purchase costs into affordable payments, and aligns costs to the flow of benefits. This will simplify financial management with a predictable payment stream for ease of budgeting, and preserve cash for other investments.

Eligible products

This 0% offering is available for up to £200,000 on all Lotus products and WebSphere Portal products (excluding Lotus Live).


Eligible Countries: Ireland, United Kingdom

Terms and conditions

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