Turn your fixed IT assets into liquid ones by selling them to IBM Global Financing and leasing them back at highly competitive rates.


If you need an immediate cash infusion, and you own your IT equipment, consider a sale-leaseback transaction in which you sell your assets to IBM Global Financing and then lease them back at a highly competitive rate. During challenging economic times, where credit is tight, sale-leaseback offers a powerful way to free up cash to use for upgrades or other investments.

By engaging in a sale-leaseback—and no longer owning your assets—you'll enjoy the long-term and multifold benefits of leasing, which enables you to regularly and easily adapt your IT assets to avoid technology obsolescence.

Other sale-leaseback benefits include:

Qualifying products

All IBM and non-IBM hardware subject to conditions. For more information about qualifying products check with your IBM Global Financing representative.

End dates

Offer valid until withdrawn.

Eligibility requirements

Available in the United Kingdom.

Terms and conditions