Financing IBM Watson™

Extend the way your organisation learns, processes ideas and decision making through cognitive computing.

Organisations worldwide are using IBM Watson to uncover insights from patterns once hidden from view and to answer questions nobody ever thought to ask – achieving extraordinary results once unimaginable.

Think Cognitive. Think Watson.

Transforming your organisation into a cognitive enterprise requires finding strategic funding sources that strike the right balance between today’s financial demands and your goals for tomorrow.

While budget constraints may create challenges, solutions that minimise upfront payments and better align project cost outlays with anticipated benefits can help you more quickly deploy cognitive computing technologies across your entire enterprise.

IBM Global Financing can help.

With one dedicated resource for all your IT financing needs – across IBM and non-IBM technologies, services, and solutions – you can take advantage of a complete set of IBM Watson cognitive computing products and services with one monthly payment.

As one dedicated resource for all your IT financing needs, IBM Global Financing can help design a cost-effective and convenient solution to put IBM Watson to work in your organisation.

With the following payment solutions, IBM Global Financing can help you finance all the IBM Watson products and services you’ll need:

IBM Project Financing™

  • One customised, all-inclusive financial package from one resource
  • Financing for all phases of your IBM Watson project


  • Customised short- or long-term financing for IBM Watson software and services
  • Financing for both IBM and non-IBM cognitive computing technologies

IBM Watson can deliver once unimaginable levels of data, knowledge, and intuition across your enterprise — ushering in a new era of cognitive computing.

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