Financing IBM Mobile solutions

More people do more business on the move – with mobile rapidly transforming how we live and work.

IBM Mobile solutions can help your organisation fully embrace enterprise mobility.

With flexible financing options, you can meet immediate needs for devices and infrastructure, plus fund longer-term transformational initiatives that will add value to your enterprise.

Put your business in motion

As mobile reinvents business and the way work gets done, you’ll need to create engaging mobile user experiences and personalise interactions based on key data and insights.

Indeed, mobile delivers higher growth and Return On Investment. But while 73 percent of organisations see a measurable ROI on mobile initiatives1, most IT operating budgets are allocated to maintaining existing technologies.

That means IT executives need more flexible funding options to:

  • Quickly acquire solutions and services for implementation and migration
  • Better align costs and payments to expected mobile solution benefits
  • Simplify asset management of mobile devices to reduce total cost of ownership

IBM Global Financing can help

Turn to our IT financing specialists for advice on how to best take advantage of mobile opportunities through flexible programmes to finance both immediate needs such as mobile devices and software – and transformational services projects to meet long-term mobile enterprise objectives.

Take your business from mobile ready to mobile first

IBM Global Financing can help you eliminate budget obstacles so you can accelerate your mobile initiatives.

Now you can redefine the way you interact with clients, empower your teams, and optimise your IT infrastructure. A complete set of financing options can improve your cash flow, better align payments to expected solution benefits, and lower your total cost of ownership.

Turn to IBM Global Financing for the expertise you need to help you put your business in motion. Gain a mobile advantage, minimise upfront cash outlays, and reduce financial risk.

As a strategic IT financing resource, we can help you build cost-effective financing into your mobile vision through funding options that include:

Fair market value leases

  • Offered for all mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Expect to pay around 80% of the purchase price over 2 years and 90% of the purchase price over 3 years receiving the trade-in value of the devices as a discount against your rentals. The level of trade-in depends on the quality of the product.
  • We offer flexibility to cover lease extensions and early trade-ins.

Full Pay Out leases with an option to buy back

  • Clients have the option to lease on a Full Pay Out basis with no residual value and utilise our Global Asset Recovery Services to receive a buyback fee at the end of lease.

IBM Project Financing™

  • One dedicated funding source for your whole mobile project spend including the Service Provider costs, and the cost of devices.
  • We provide a tailored financing solution based on your requirements. Different types of payment solutions are available for different elements of the solution. For example we can provide extended payment terms on the services elements and leasing on the devices.

Smartphone Financing

  • Purchasing your smartphone via a lease and procuring the data plan separately could save you more than 10% off your monthly corporate plan.

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services

  • Sell your existing equipment at market value.
  • Assure safe and proper disposal in compliance with local regulations.

Leasing as a Service

  • We can offer a packaged solution for leasing of mobile devices including fair market value leasing, asset management including a software tool, maintenance of the equipment, and disposal.

IFRS 16 – the exemption for small value assets

  • The new leasing accounting standard rules could greatly simplify the process for leasing mobile devices. Your audit advisor can provide you with details of the new rules changes.
  • Specifically we highlight the option to select an exemption from the standard rules, if the asset being leased typically costs $5,000 or less individually. Potentially mobile devices could fit within the exemption.
  • If these assets are leased, they will automatically qualify for operating lease treatment.

With IBM Mobile solutions, you can combine the power of enterprise data and analytics with an elegant mobile user experience – to redefine how your organisation interacts, learns, and connects.

See how we can help you fund your vision