Financing Watson Customer Engagement

Your customers talk to you – all day, every day – each with unique needs and desires.

Listen carefully so you can engage with individuals more personally – deepening relationships in a way that builds unbreakable bonds.

Discover how flexible financing options can help you unleash the power of Watson Customer Engagement to create more relevant and personal connections with your customers.

Put your customer at the centre of your business

Business is now more personal than ever. Using real-time insights—and tight integration with partners and suppliers—you can create a synchronised, predictive value chain to deliver a more personalised customer experience. Your commerce, marketing, and supply chain solutions must all be seamlessly integrated to put customers at the very centre of your relationship and exceed their expectations.

IBM Global Financing can help

Leverage our vast expertise in technology financing to create an optimal solution that meets your vision and unlocks maximum value.

We’ll show you how to invest affordably in transformational IT initiatives that help you maintain your competitive advantage, accelerate project break-even points, lower your total cost of ownership, and help you quickly adapt to ever-changing needs.

Take full advantage of these opportunities. Turn to IBM Global Financing.
Discover how our expertise and complete range of affordable funding options can reduce your financial risk.

Case study: Financing Watson Customer Engagement

Pin-point marketing precision. More budget flexibility.

A Latin American retailer had been sending one-size-fits-all messages to attract online and in-store visitors. But that approach didn’t stand up to strong competition.

Through payment deferral and other flexible funding options, IBM Global Financing helped this retailer acquire a sophisticated digital marketing solution to analyse consumer behaviour – delivering clearer insights to create more personal and targeted marketing campaigns.

By customising messages far more precisely to individual needs, IBM solutions helped increase store visits by 10 percent, expand average order size by 20 percent, and boost email open rates by 50 percent.

Maximise your purchasing power:
A complete range of flexible funding options


  • Rates as low as 0 percent for software licenses, subscriptions and support1
  • Predictable scheduled payments to match targeted deployment milestones
  • Conserves cash with access to an alternative source of funds

IBM Project Financing™

  • One dedicated funding source for IBM solutions and services – to avoid delays for large-scale projects
  • Integrates financing for IBM and non-IBM software, hardware and services

Fair market value leases

  • Lowers total cost of ownership for IT hardware – including mobile devices and software appliances
  • Shifts obsolescence and disposal risk to IBM Global Financing
  • More flexibility to add capacity as your needs change

The Watson Customer Engagement solution portfolio can help you connect more deeply with customers and extend personalised interactions to maintain your market leadership.

Let the experts at IBM Global Financing show you how to build the most affordable financing into your transformational IT initiatives.

Unleash the Power of Watson Customer Engagement

Watson Customer Engagement Infographic (PDF, 347KB)

Discover how Watson Customer Engagement and flexible financing options can help you put customers at the center of your business affordably

Watson Customer Engagement Solution Brief (PDF, 189KB)

Put your customer at the center of your business. See how we can help you fund your vision.