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Online Asset Management

Manage your IT leases online to simplify administration and reduce costs with Customer Centre

Tracking, managing and controlling your technology assets can be an enormous challenge. Equipment might be moved, modified and maintained by many different people over its lifetime. With lifecycle costs of these assets typically running five times their initial capital investment, it's more essential than ever to focus on efficient asset administration.

To help you meet this challenge, IBM Global Financing has created Customer Centre, a Web-based application which provides you with access to key information about your IBM leased assets and billing for those assets. Now the information you need is as close as your own computer.

The IBM Global Financing Customer Centre includes a convenient, customisable download function which allows you to select specific data fields, and import that information into a spreadsheet or database. This eliminates the time and expense of creating your own records, and ensures your data is accurate.

An integrated e-mail function allows you to contact your IBM Global Financing team from within the application. You can notify us of serial number changes or when equipment is relocated, so we may update our records.

In addition, you control who has access to the Customer Centre tool, as well as their type of access, such as searching only, or downloading data. Customer Centre is the tool to help you track information important to your organisation.

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Enroll instructions

To use Customer Centre, you must be an IBM Global Financing customer.

To enroll in Customer Centre, you need to sign an Online User Agreement and receive password protected access to the tool.

To request more information about Customer Centre and find out which modules (Delivery Confirmation, Lease Management or End of Lease) will best fit your needs, contact your IBM Global Financing representative or have a representative contact you.

Learning Series

To learn more about a specific Customer Centre function, select from the list below.
NOTE: in order to view the function fully after selecting, please maximise the newly opened window.

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Learning Series function Customer Centre Module
Create a financed item report for your leased assets Lease Management
Create and save a customised report Lease Management
Create and download a financed item report Lease Management
Download invoice details of your leased assets Lease Management
Create a payment forecast report Lease Management
Create and save customised reports for leased assets worldwide Lease Management

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