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Leasing, financing and asset disposal

We're with you every step
of the way through IT leasing
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Why IBM Global Financing

From initial planning and IT acquisition through disposal of equipment, there are opportunities every step of the way to conserve cash, minimise hassle and improve the return on your technology investment.

IBM Global Financing offers simple, customisable leasing and financing for your total IT solution, including hardware, software and services. Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings makes it easier to manage and afford your upfront investment, ongoing operating costs and finally the disposal of retired assets.

When it comes to funding your IT, we have unmatched experience and expertise to help you.

What we offer

Contact us for a customised financing solution.

Plan your IT acquisition

Plan your IT project with a financial strategy that addresses every phase of the IT lifecycle. Whether you are optimising your data center or processes, implementing a new business solution, acquiring PCs or engaging in a sale-leaseback, we can customise.

Acquire your IT solution

Stretch your budget and get competitive rates to embark on your new enterprise data center initiative. Finance your hardware, software and/or services acquisition and avoid technology obsolescence in your IT infrastructure.

Manage your IT

Manage your complete portfolio of leased IT assets online throughout the entire IT lifecycle. Keep up with demand via facilitated upgrade and migration options.

Retire your used equipment

Minimise data disposal risk with IBM disk overwrite services. Dispose of your IT equipment in a hassle-free, secure and environmentally-friendly manner. Realise the maximum residual cash value of your retired assets.

Project financing

Redefining IT enablement

Redefining IT enablement. (71Kb)

Make leasing part of your IT strategy

Fair Market Value (FMV)

A Fair Market Value (FMV) lease from IBM Global Financing can shrink your growing IT costs

Make funding part of your energy efficiency strategy

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Find the right financing and IT asset disposal options

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