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Pre-owned equipment supplied by IBM

IBM Power Systems

Why IBM Global Financing

With IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment, you get the performance and reliability you are used to from IBM—but at a price that's easy on your budget.

What we offer

IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment logoFrom servers and storage to PCs and peripherals, there's no better way to save on genuine IBM solutions than with IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment. Get IT equipment that's refurbished, tested, certified and guaranteed by IBM-for up to 65 percent less than the original price.

Refurbished, tested, certified and guaranteed

Every piece of IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment is refurbished, tested and certified using rigorous processes and original manufacturing standards

Short term or urgent needs

Sometimes the temporary need for IT doesn’t need an investment in new technology. That's when you should look for IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.

Requirements that don’t fit your budget

When you urgently need new capacity but don’t have the budget for it, then save on genuine IBM solutions with IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.

Special projects

Undertaking special projects that require IT equipment that isn’t available anymore? IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment can provide a solution for you.

Make funding part of your energy efficiency strategy

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IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment solution brief

Customers are assured of excellent value for their money without compromising quality.

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