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Move up to IBM’s next generation Power and Storage technology and obtain a huge boost to your capacity and processing performance with potentially minimal budget impact. IBM Global Financing can help you free up cash—generate savings faster—and potentially lower your financing payments—when you replace your existing technology with IBM’s newest architecture.

IBM Global Financing can help make your move to the latest platform fast, affordable and cost effective in a variety of ways:

  • Upgrade: For IBM Power/Storage Systems clients, IBM Global Financing can help you upgrade your existing machines to the latest technology or migrate workloads from your current system over to brand new Power/Storage machines.
  • Migrate: For enterprises considering a move to IBM technology, we can customize a financing arrangement that lets you migrate workloads to new IBM Power/Storage technology and bundle all migration costs into affordable financing payments.
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Same machine, new processor, lower payments

If you currently lease IBM Power/Storage mid-range or high-end technology through IBM Global Financing, you can upgrade your machines at mid-lease by replacing your existing upgradeable components with IBM’s latest technology; simply swap the old components for new, in the same machine.

A technology refresh at mid-lease is the ideal time to upgrade. At this point, you can refinance your remaining obligation over a new term, potentially lower your financing payments and create budget room to cover the upgrade costs.

Help Power Systems’ clients lower costs and manage risk

The example above shows a mid-lease upgrade of an IBM Power 595 server with POWER6 technology to POWER7™. The new processor provides substantial advancement in performance, energy-saving features and virtualization capability--yet the customer’s new monthly payment is actually 4 percent lower than its current monthly payment.

IBM Global Financing Power Exchange

If you’d prefer to perform a side-by-side, non-disruptive migration to the latest Power system, rather than upgrade your current equipment, take advantage of our IBM Power Exchange offering. Check out highlights of this offering in the short video below:

The IBM Power Exchange Offering is available to both current IBM leasing customers and those that own their equipment. Clients who own their IBM equipment can also consider a sale-leaseback to free up cash to acquire the latest Power technology.

To learn more about how to upgrade and save, please contact us.

Comprehensive financing for any migration scenario

IBM Global Financing helps make migration fast, affordable and as pain-free as possible. We provide credit-qualified clients with access to the capital necessary to move from their existing equipment to the latest IBM Power or Storage system--and to do so with minimal downtime.

Whatever your migration circumstances, our complete end-to-end financing and equipment disposal services are designed to help you:

To learn more about how IBM Global Financing makes it easy and affordable to migrate to new IBM Power machines, please contact us.

* For illustration purposes only; the example in US represents a 48 core Power 795 server, best credit client: fair market value, 36 month lease. Actual financing rates based on local offerings, client’s credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type and options. Other restrictions may apply.

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