Commercial Financing

Why IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing provides qualified IBM Business Partners working capital to finance day-to-day operations or grow their businesses. Our innovative, competitively-priced funding can help IBM Business Partner firms maintain healthy balance sheets and minimize risk. Our commercial financing solutions allow IBM Business Partners to accelerate collections, lengthen payable terms and enhance cash flow. Inventory financing allows channel partners to buy more products to resell, while receivables financing allows them to collect funds due faster.

What we offer

Inventory Financing
Use financing with your distribution channels to expand volumes and enable resellers to accommodate order spikes. Our Inventory Financing solutions let manufacturers and distributors increase the volume of products flowing through their reseller chains while prov iding resellers needed relief from pressures to pay suppliers on standard terms. As a result, cash flow can increase across the board and the entire distribution channel can expand.

Receivables Financing
Open up cash flow by borrowing against available collateral such as accounts receivable and inventory. Our Receivables Financing offerings -- including loans and lines of credit secured by inventory, accounts receivable or a combination of both -- help qualified IBM Business Partners obtain working capital to support their growth.

To find out more about our working capital solutions, Business Partners can visit : Financing for you on PartnerWorld.

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