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Smooth out and consolidate the costs and management of IT optimisation projects—and achieve superior results. IBM Project Financing™ provides a customised, all-inclusive financial package for services, infrastructure solutions and business transformation projects.

Matching the anticipated scope and duration of a project, this unique offering:

Is going green part of your company's growth strategy?

IBM Project Financing provides financial flexibility to design and build energy-friendly data centres, including financing for select facility design and construction, building and structural upgrades, infrastructure equipment, and IT hardware, software and consulting from IBM.

Qualifying products

Please consult your IBM Global Financing representative for qualifying products.

End dates

Offer valid until withdrawn.

Terms and conditions

IBM Project Financing availability is subject to country financial regulations. Please consult your IBM Global Financing contact for more information.

IBM Project Financing

In today's competitive world delaying essential integration and transformation projects can be very risky.

That's why IBM project financing is designed to give companies the financial agility they need to move quickly to business value.

IBM Project Financing works with IBM business consulting services to create customized funding solution that covers all the elements of your project. This includes everything from services, software and hardware whether from IBM or a 3rd Party. No more multiple lenders, processes and paperwork.

And since IBM Global Financing is the largest IT lender in the world, we understand how to construct financing around your projected benefit stream, giving you the financial flexibility you need... now.

This complete financing solution is designed to offer you a one stop answer, so you can design, build, run and finance your project with one company. That means one motivated company committed to your success at every level.

For companies with major business transformation and integration projects IBM Project Financing offers the most flexible, comprehensive financing solution available.

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Single source financing for large-scale on demand transformation projects.