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Plan your IT acquisition

Take financial control of your IT infrastructure

Why IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing can help you develop and implement a financial plan that covers the entire lifecycle of your technology–helping you stretch your budget and lower your total cost of ownership.

What we offer

Think you can’t afford IT Think again!

IBM Project Financing™ provides a customised, all-inclusive financial package for services, infrastructure solutions and business transformation projects.


Offers a powerful way to free up cash to use for upgrades or other investments.

Financing for small and mid-sized companies

Simple, affordable, complete financing for your mid-sized business.

Energy-efficient data centre

IT infrastructure optimisation initiative – keeping green and cutting costs.

Asset disposal and disk overwrite

Eliminate risks, minimise costs and maximise return when you retire pre-owned equipment.

PC lifecycle management

Lower your costs and risks when acquiring pre-owned and retiring PCs.

Make funding part of your energy efficiency strategy

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Find the right financing and IT asset disposal options

Project financing

Redefining IT enablement

Redefining IT enablement. (71Kb)

Lease or purchase?

Lease v. purchase

More than just a numbers decision.

We're here to help


Easy ways to get the answers you need.

Customer Centre

For existing customers with IBM leases and loans.

Open Infrastructure Offering (OIO) financing

Financing model that fits your large scale IT investments.