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Refurbished, tested, certified and guaranteed

We stand behind every piece of IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment that we sell. When you buy or rent IBM remanufactured products from IBM or via an authorised IBM Business Partner you have reassurance of quality.


As the largest IT equipment leasing company, we can offer immediate delivery on any of our large inventory of pre-owned PCs, printers, Intel servers, midrange and mainframe servers, storage and networking products-available at up to 65 percent less than the original price.

Much of our equipment is sourced from excess IBM inventory, as well as lease returns from IBM Global Financing customers. Every unit is factory refurbished and tested to IBM specifications, providing optimum performance and maximum reliability. Highly competitive financing is also available from IBM Global Financing.

Even though Certified Pre-owned products are significantly lower in cost than IBM new products you can still make payment easier through attractive financing options from IBM Global Financing. The flexible terms and conditions mean you can structure payments in line with your budget needs and the flow of benefits you expect to accrue.

Reuse of IT equipment is the cost effective way to go—and the most environmentally responsible.

Requirements that don’t fit your budget

When you urgently need more capacity, but simply don't have the budget, there's no better way to save on genuine IBM solutions than with IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.

Short term or urgent needs

Sometimes the temporary need for more workstations, server resources or storage capacity just does not require an investment in new technology. That's when you should look for IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.

Whether you need more capacity because of a special project, parallel server or storage configurations during a data centre move, or extra resources because of a sudden business opportunity, there's no better way to save on genuine IBM solutions than with IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.

Special projects

Many IT managers find themselves in situations where they must maintain a legacy environment or need an upgrade to keep up with demand-but the equipment they require is no longer available new. Or, perhaps they need a backup system for a disaster recovery plan or an extra system for peak load periods, development or testing.

Under circumstances such as these, IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment can often provide the perfect solution.

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