Make leasing part of your IT strategy

According to IDC, 70% of today's IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance alone1, and that percentage is growing. IT budgets remain under pressure yet you need a strategy to manage, maybe even shrink, necessary expenses while still innovating.

A Fair Market Value (FMV) lease from IBM Global Financing can be a key part of your strategy to shrink your growing IT costs: you pay only for the use of the technology, not its ownership. In fact, an FMV lease in many cases provides the lowest cost option for your IT infrastructure. It can also provide:

The end result is that a leasing strategy from IBM Global Financing can give you the flexibility and purchasing power to help you gain competitive advantage.

Why choose a "Fair Market Value" lease?

Why choose a Fair Market Value lease

FMV leasing provides the lowest cost of ownership for an IT asset, as compared to outright purchase or a loan. In fact, when compared to a loan, an FMV lease provides lower costs in two ways:
a) No interest or disposal costs. This is shown as 'Ownership Cost', above
b) The residual value interest of the equipment at end of lease is retained by IBM Global Financing, and this savings is shown as 'Residual Value' in the above chart.

In fact, an FMV lease can help you:

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