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Does IBM Global Financing finance non-IBM products?

IBM Global Financing is the world's premier single-source provider of multivendor financing solutions, and is committed to helping its customers acquire the best possible IT and telecom solution, regardless of vendor. Our total solution financing offerings were created specifically to help businesses of any size obtain best-of-breed products from IBM as well as from other manufacturers or vendors.

Will IBM Global Financing finance IT services?

In addition to IT hardware and software, total solution financing offerings are also available for the IT services of any multivendor solution you assemble. Flexible financing options matched to any sized business ensure you get a complete solution that precisely fits your unique requirements.

Are your Commercial Financing solutions available to any business customer?

Our Commercial Financing solutions are available to IT related business'. They help customers maximize assets, preserve capital, and meet growth and profit objectives. Asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing, term loans, inventory and acquisition financing are available to all credit qualified customers. We also have on-line tools for monitoring credit lines, tracking payment dates, retrieving invoices, requesting approval numbers and forecasting receivables.

How can financing help my bottom line?

Financing can help you get more out of your IT budget. Reduced monthly payments translate to lower expenses and more buying power. Financing can lead to improved liquidity, allowing you to keep more cash on hand. It can also allow you to preserve existing credit and to qualify for other financing.

I have short-term hardware needs. Is rental an option?

Yes. IBM Global Financing offers selected equipment on a short-term rental basis to commercial and state and local government customers to help meet unique requirements.

Situations where renting would make good sense include:

I am interested in buying Certified Pre-owned Equipment but I don't know what system would best suit my needs, what should I do?

Call 0044 8700102515 or e-mail and an IBM Specialist would be pleased to advise you on the best system for your company.

Who installs the equipment?

An IBM Qualified Engineer installs IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment.

What kind of guarantee comes with my equipment purchase?

All IBM Certified Pre-owned comes with a 90 Day Quality Satisfaction Programme.

Does the equipment come with maintenance?

No, maintenance can be arranged for your Certified Pre-owned equipment or you can add the equipment to an existing maintenance contract.

How long until my equipment arrives?

Typical delivery (lead) times would be 15 working days from the arrival of a Purchase Order.

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