IBM Global Asset Recovery Solutions

The core value proposition underlying IBM Global Financing and the GARS offerings is end-to-end management of the asset lifecycle.

Seizing new opportunities in our fast-paced, budget-constrained business environment means you need to get the most out of your current IT investments while affordably transforming your IT infrastructure.

IBM Global Asset Recovery Solutions help you to:

- Transition to newer technology to support growth
- Use existing IT equipment to help fund new IT investments
- Safely dispose of old equipment according to local environmental laws and regulations
- Better manage your IT lifecycle

When disposing of IT equipment, you want to maximise trade-in value, minimise environmental risks and keep costs low.

We offer flexible disposal solutions, including favorable buyback prices, through our global trading network. Our established demanufactoring capabilities and environmental management experience help drive down costs and comply with local environmental laws and regulations.

Clients of all sizes — including a majority of the Fortune Global 100 — have trusted us to cost-effectively acquire, maintain and transition their technology for more than 30 years.

Over 99% of all IT equipment and IT product waste returned to IBM at the end of product lifecycle was either reused, remanufactured or recycled.

Our core services

Asset buyback and disposal solutions

For your older, marketable IBM equipment and certain non-IBM equipment, we customise buyback programs as well as safe disposal solutions.

Fixed-price buyback

We can buy your late-model, business-owned IT equipment at a negotiated fixed price (minimum of 500 units).

Additional services

3x Disk Overwrite service

We offer on-site disk overwrite services. Before your disk drives re-enter the market, you want to make your data virtually irretrievable. Our Department of Defense-compliant 3x Disk Overwrite solution can help you efficiently and reliably overwrite your drives.

Packing and transportation

Avoid the logistical headaches of managing a sale. We can pack and transport your assets to an IBM facility for you.

Asset testing

To enhance your equipment’s resale value, we test it to verify functionality and confirm system specifications. All customer identifiers and asset tags are removed to ensure security.

Solutions to improve sustainability in asset recovery practices