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Large quantity asset recovery - Canada

IT asset buyback and disposal for more than 500 items

Whether you've got truckloads of obsolete equipment, or need to upgrade a building full of desktops and servers, IBM Asset Recovery Solutions has several buyback offerings tailored specifically to the demands of large enterprises. Our access to -- and vast experience in -- the secondary market mean we can help you sell your marketable assets regardless of brand, with options to accommodate your unique requirements.

For customer owned IT equipment, we offer a "Fixed Price takeout" to sell marketable assets:

Fixed price takeout

IBM Global Financing will buy your late model equipment from you at a negotiated price. You get quick cash and are relieved of the logistical headaches and liquidity risks associated with managing the sale. If this does not meet your needs, please use our "Request a quote" above or send us an email at to discuss your unique requirements.



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