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Large quantity asset recovery - Canada

IT asset buyback and disposal for more than 500 items

When it comes to asset disposal, you want a company you can trust—with a proven record and ongoing commitment to the environment:

In 2008, IBM Global Asset Recovery Services was recognized by the IT analyst firm IDC as one of the first recipients of its Green Recycling and Asset Disposal for the Enterprise (G.R.A.D.E.) certification.

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services recently received ISO 14001 certification from Bureau Veritas Certification, North America covering the following scope: Global operational and logistics processes related to the return, remanufacturing, demanufacturing, remarketing and disposal of used equipment.

In 1999, GARS de-manufacturing operations processed the approximate weight of 500 rail cars filled with coal stretching 5.5 miles. By year end 2008, the cumulative weight processed by GARS remanufacturing and de-manufacturing operations would fill 4480 rail cars stretching 49 miles.

In the past three years, GARS major de-manufacturing locations have recycled more than 55,800 metric tons of product and product waste. Over 37,800 metric tons recycled have been ferrous and non ferrous metals, more metal than the equivalent metal used in 3.7 Eiffel towers.

If all the laptop PCs that GARS remanufacturing centers have processed over the past 5 years (2004-2008) were placed end to end, the distance would be greater than the distance between Paris and London. If the laptops were stacked on top of each other, the pile would extend over 24 miles into the atmosphere (A trans-oceanic jet liner flies approximately 7 miles high by comparison).

While GARS' worldwide landfill and incineration rate was 1.09% for YE 2008, a more in depth analysis revealed that for the past three years, GARS' major de-manufacturing locations recycled over 90% of the product and material processed (weight) and less than 2/10 of a percent was land-filled.



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