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About IBM Global Financing for IBM Storage Solutions

The IBM Smarter Storage solutions portfolio -- a family of offerings that are efficient by design, self-optimizing and x [to be filled in once third pillar is confirmed] -- can help you innovate, profit from new technologies and focus on gaining more valuable insights from your data.

Since budget realities can make investing in new IT solutions a challenge, consider taking control with a new approach to your assets. Consider the wealth of ways IBM Global Financing can help credit-qualified clients:

Storage upgrade financing

If your budget is flat while your storage needs continue to grow, IBM Global Financing enables you to acquire new storage solutions today with a low monthly lease payment. When it’s time to upgrade your capacity, we can “step-up” the existing lease payments or extend the lease with little or no increase in your monthly payments.

Contact your IBM representative and ask for more information about the IBM Global Financing options.

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