Strategic initiatives

We need to have the right information, have it on time and invest the right amount of effort in interpreting it.

As new technologies create new areas of possibility, you may feel your resources being pulled from all sides. Leading organisations are working to instill a culture of driving higher yields, stronger business outcomes and enhanced customer experiences — but this often requires difficult resource prioritisation or strategic trade-offs.

CEOs at infrastructure companies overwhelmingly agree that technology will transform their businesses over the next five years.1 Fueled by the ability to put data into context, financial decision makers are now uniquely able to inject fresh, forward-looking perspectives into their organisations by understanding the value of external funding sources and how to use them effectively to meet their business’ topline growth.

New technologies allow for faster, better and more precise decision making that drive better business outcomes. Our financing solutions help provide a clear path forward, so you can invest in the initiatives that are right for your company.

CFOs recognise that keeping up with the latest technology is a necessity

We finance your initiatives

IBM Global Financing helps you acquire the technology and services you need to make informed decisions about which markets to pursue, how to optimise your product portfolios and how to gain operational efficiency. We offer the kind of financial flexibility that helps you maximise the return on your IT investment and improves your ability to manage your cash.

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Case study: IBM Analytics

Watson Accelerate tranformation with flexible payment plans from IBM Global Financing

Forum Engineering, a temporary staffing agency, adopts a cognitive solution to analyze data in internal candidate files to propose an optimal candidate.

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Case study: Systems

A beer company sharpens its ability to grow market share and serve thirsty consumers with a fine product

With the aim of fine-tuning its distribution strategy, Grupo Petrópolis acquired a large beer distribution firm; to ensure close collaboration and integrated processes shared by its brewing and distribution companies, they deployed IBM Power Systems and IBM System Storage technologies to standardize its operations on a suite of SAP ERP applications paid in monthly installments via IBM Global Financing.

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Case study: IBM Analytics

Analytics Financing solutions that help digital marketers implement analytics solutions to extract insights from mutiple sources of data

IMM opts for a 5- year financing deal to deploy IBM Analytics Solutions that help crunch vast amounts of data from multiple sources, enabling smarter, faster, and more tailored campaigns for clients that drive business impact in real-time.

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