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Across industries and markets, the speed and complexity of doing business is increasing at an exponential rate. organisations must constantly — and cost-effectively — revisit strategies and infuse fresh thinking to remain agile and move as quickly as the market moves.

Your execution and delivery must be just as persistent. To stay ahead, businesses are rethinking how they compete, evolve and grow; and most importantly how they fund these crucial strategic initiatives.

We provide financing that fuels your customer innovation, so you can invest in key initiatives and stay ahead of the competition.

With your vision in place, IBM Global Financing helps you quickly move your business strategy from concept to execution.

A new era of computing -- shaped by the intersection of cloud, mobile, social, and analytics technologies -- is rapidly reshaping the enterprise by creating a new basis for competitive advantage.

We help you obtain the technology you need to achieve

Customer innovation

Financing marketing technologies create the personalised customer interactions that facilitate the growth of your business — saving time, energy and resources while you innovate.

Financing your customer innovation

Strategic initiatives

Invest in the business priorities that are right for your company with customised financing options that provide a clear path toward your future.

Financing your strategic initiatives

Competitive advantage

Leaders lead. If you are only keeping up, you are just getting by. We help you acquire the technology that you need to lead.

Financing your competitive advantage

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