Customer innovation

Marketing is a data-driven science. [It’s] about using data to target audiences and create value.

As the crucial link between your customers and your business, marketing is a driving force behind business expansion. And as new technology increases your ability to reach your customers, your marketing organisation has more and more impact on your business’ trajectory.

The C-suite has started to recognise the value of reaching customers at every point in their life cycle, which makes the ability to deliver the best experience at the right time and place increasingly important. The mandate to hone marketing’s focus and drive greater personalisation is a challenge best solved through the combination of technology and talent.

Our tailored financing solutions help you streamline cash outlays, providing the framework you need to drive client outreach strategies that meet this new mandate — so you can grow and evolve as your customers do.

CMOs expect to accelerate the introduction of digital marketing technologies over the next three to five years2

We finance your innovation

When it comes to advancing their strategies, 72% of CMOs see cost as the greatest barrier.3 IBM Global Financing helps you overcome that barrier by aligning customised financial solutions to your business strategy.

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Case study: Analytics

Solving retail challenges with help from IBM Global Financing

Market6 required to get products to stores as quickly as possible and balance stock levels to match demand, while keeping working capital available for building its core business.

Using sophisticated analytics from IBM and fixed loans from IBM Global Financing, Market6 drives growth, facilitates rapid and seamless communication among thousands of suppliers, avoids a large up-front capital outlay, and frees up working capital to focus spending on its core business.

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Case study: Commercial Financing

Avnet in Benelux boosts sales and accelerates collection of accounts receivable, reducing its day sales outstanding metric by 5 days when using flexible IBM customer financing offerings, and by four days when using IBM commercial financing offerings.

Avnet Technology Solutions specialists in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg) region of Europe sought to offer new customer financing solutions. Avnet teamed with IBM Global Financing to offer tailor-made financing packages to resellers wanting to adopt a managed service provider model and other end users seeking affordable ways to adopt analytics, mobile and cloud-based technologies.

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Case study: IT Infrastructure

IBM Global Financing helps increase funding flexibility for strategic IT projects

Czech Property Investments (CPI) wanted to finance IT infrastructure and development projects through loans but found most banks were only willing to fund hardware under inflexible terms.

The company turned to IBM Global Financing. Through its services, money that CPI would have to spend on IT is available to develop other projects that have a direct economic impact on operations, including the core business. By contracting with IBM Global Financing, CPI has convenient access to financing for rapidly changing operating IT needs and can release capital for IT projects that support strategic business initiatives.

“IBM Global Financing is much more flexible than banks. It is not a problem to negotiate individual conditions and exceptions.”

—Radovan Picek Chief Information Officer, CPI

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