Competitive advantage

82% of CIOs expect a high level of tech complexity over the next five years, but only 52% feel prepared.1

You’re at the forefront of a new competitive paradigm. For most businesses, traditional barriers to entry and exit no longer exist.

The explosion of data has created an urgent need to integrate analytics within business processes, the fabric and ethos of an organisation.

Whether your firm is B2B or B2C, this seismic shift is driving you and your peers toward consumer-centric business strategies that improve stickiness and foster sustainable competitive advantage.

We help expedite your IT acquisitions so that you can quickly gather and analyse data and turn your insights into competitive advantage — providing you the opportunity to move with speed and flexibility toward your business goals.

The introduction of new technology is the primary vehicle for improved customer experience3

We finance your competitive edge

“Improving cost efficiency” and “reducing costs” were named as two of the top three IT executive priorities.5 That’s why — whether you’re innovating with mobility solutions or business analytics — IBM collaborates with you, using business insight, advanced research and technology to bolster your competitive advantage.

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Case study: Education

Mobile Opening the door to a new education service for the mobile generation with flexible iPad rental from IBM Global Financing

Benesse Corporation worked with IBM Global Financing to create a simple and affordable monthly plan for its members to easily and securely rent an iPad to access learning materials.

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Case study: Analytics

Customers connect with a specialist data integrator otherwise out of reach

Barrachd is a specialist in integrating complex data. By using IBM Global Financing, it was able to ease customers’ cash flow pressures to make investing in Barrachd’s comprehensive analytics solutions easier and faster.

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Case study: Industrial

Helping pharmacies keep their shelves full while releasing capital to boost business growth

In partnership with IBM and IBM Business Partner SME UP S.p.A., Palladio Group deployed IBM® Power Systems™ to drive continuous productivity and excellent service delivery to its clients in the pharmaceutical industry. The firm financed the deployment through IBM Global Financing, keeping capital resources free to fund strategic business projects.

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