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Pre-owned equipment, IT asset buyback and recyclingMinimize costs; maximize return; optimize re-use

Affordably acquire quality IBM pre-owned equipment. Dispose of your IT equipment in a secure and environmentally compliant manner and minimize data disposal risk with IBM disk overwrite services. Realize the maximum residual cash value of your retired assets via our buyback services.

IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment.

In today’s fast paced business environment with limited budgets you need to get the most out of your investments and be poised to seize new opportunities.

This is especially true of your IT infrastructure to be able to meet demands and support the business, without breaking the budget. Yet these challenges remain:

IBM Global Asset Recovery Services, a unit of IBM Global Financing has been helping clients of all sizes (including a majority of the Fortune Global 100 list of companies) cost effectively, acquire, maintain and transition their technology for 14 years. We are the world’s largest, most efficient reverse logistics organization with robust offerings and processes in 40 countries.

Through a suite of comprehensive offerings, we can help clients obtain the most value out of their current IT investments while helping them affordably transform their IT infrastructure to meet today’s business challenges. These offerings include:

IBM Certified Pre-owned equipment – offers clients a wide variety of quality IBM refurbished equipment including servers, storage and network equipment along with PCs from other manufacturers. All equipment is thoroughly tested and comes with a product guarantee.

Asset Buyback and Disposal Solutions – customized services available to obtain value for older, marketable IBM equipment and select non-IBM equipment. Additionally we can help clients safely dispose of their equipment in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Proven pre-owned solutions from a trusted provider

Many experienced CFOs, IT executives and other financial decision-makers have turned to IBM Global Asset Recovery Services to accelerate their technology objectives and business and social transformation. Plus, the re-use of IBM pre-owned products will likely help reduce a company’s carbon footprint and contribute to achievement of a more socially responsible lifecycle management.

A recognized leader in sustainable IT management practices

Our asset management and reverse logistics process is a key part of IBM’s commitment to sustainability leadership.

We are a recognized industry leader in remanufacturing operations innovatively re-using returned technology and minimizing waste

In 2014 IBM Global Asset Recovery Services:

Since 2002, IBM Global Asset Recovery Services has:

Whether you've got truckloads of obsolete equipment, or need to upgrade a building full of desktops and servers, IBM has teamed with authorized solution providers to offer several buyback programs tailored specifically to the demands of clients. Our access to -- and vast experience in -- the secondary market mean we can help you sell your marketable assets regardless of brand, with options to accommodate your unique requirements.

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When it comes to asset disposal, you want a company you can trust—with a proven record and ongoing commitment to the environment:

In total, IBM Global Asset Recovery Services remanufactured and demanufactured almost 31 metric tons or nearly 68 million pounds of IT equipment – the equivalent weight of approximately 19,000 automobiles. Of all the IT equipment processed, over 99% was recycled or reused.

As a leader in product recovery and reuse, IBM’s remanufacturing operations processed nearly 750,000 units of IT equipment in 2012 alone. Of these approximately 250,000 were laptops - and if they were placed on top of the other, the stack would extend about 4 miles, or 7 kilometers into the sky.

Additional service options

We offer additional service options to accommodate your specific requirements:

Packing and transportation

IBM Global Financing can provide packing and transportation of your assets to the appropriate IBM facility when the lease of the equipment has ended.

Asset testing

IBM Global Financing will test assets with resale value to verify functionality and confirm specifications for each system, enhancing market value at the time of sale. All customer identifiers and asset tags are removed as part of asset testing.

Why IBM Global Asset Recovery Services

We offer a suite of safe, simple, hassle-free disposal offerings to help clents:

Minimize Environmental Risks

Minimize Disposal Costs

Maximize Asset Value

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IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment


From notebooks and desktops to servers and peripherals, there's no better way to save on genuine IBM solutions.

IBM Certified Pre-owned Equipment features the quality and reliability you expect from IBM. IBM Certified Pre-owned PC product purchases are backed by a 7-day money back guarantee and limited warranties.

They also include complimentary standard ground shipping.

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