Interns and co-op opportunities

Interns and co-op opportunities

Student employment assignments provide you the opportunity to become familiar with IBM's organization, work style, culture and global reach. Salary is based upon the number of credits completed towards your degree. You must provide verification of credits, in writing, from your school, prior to assignment.

Co-op and internship programs are an important recruiting channel for IBM because they help us identify high-potential prospective employees. Participating students are often considered for repeat internships or a long-term commitment of regular employment. Our philosophy, simply stated, is recruit once, hire twice.

Intern or co-op — what's the difference?

Internships and Co-ops allow students to apply their knowledge and expertise in their particular field, while gaining experience working for a global enterprise. The result is an experiential education that deepens the students knowledge and prepares them further for their chosen career.

An Internship is a short-term, supervised work experience in a student's field of interest for which the student may or may not earn academic credit. This is generally a one-time work experience for three to six months.

A Co-op is a partnership between the student, university and employer to provide the student with a rich learning experience in their chosen field of study. The length of Co-op experience is typically a semester plus a summer (ex. January to August or June to December). Co-ops are common in engineering and technical fields as well as human resources, finance and consulting.

Types of assignments

Each year IBM offers hundreds of internship assignments within our various business units. Refer to the skills matrix to see where you might fit in. Then, spend time talking with our recruiters, hiring managers and new hires when we visit your campus.

Remember you can always see a full list of all of our opportunities at You must apply to this site in order to be considered for any role at IBM, even if you interview with us on campus. Check back often, as we do update our job postings frequently.

In addition to the many technical roles we have available, other unique opportunities with IBM might include the following:


IBM hires both undergraduate and graduate students in our internship and co-op programs. You can be considered for participation if you are a full-time student at any four- or five-year, accredited, U.S. college or university. You are eligible for employment after completing your freshman year; however, most students are undergraduate juniors or first year masters students.

As a candidate under consideration for an internship or co-op assignment, you will need to demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, including GPA. You should have relevant work or research experience and be able to demonstrate strong leadership, communication and teaming skills. You will also need to earn a high evaluation during the interview process.

Position availability

The main hiring seasons follow the academic school calendar (Fall, Spring and Summer), but IBM continuously seeks to hire top students interns or co-ops throughout the year.

Return assignments

You will be eligible for a return IBM assignment if your job and school performance are satisfactory and a business need exists. Information on the procedure for return assignments will be provided to you by your manager or staffing representative prior to your exit interview.

Intern and Co-op Benefits

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IBM recently launched Corporate Service Corps — a program designed to increase our global influence, improve employee leadership skills, help local communities, and foster the economies of emerging markets. In 2008, we sent 600 employees on volunteer assignments.

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