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IBMers are working where their innovations transform the way industries, and the world, do business. Whether it is pioneering changes in quantum computing and the recycling of plastics, advancing research in the fields of energy and healthcare, creating smarter cars and boats, or preparing food with the help of Watson™, you will be in the company of individuals who outthink the status quo.

Apple. Twitter. Facebook. Hootsuite. Box. These are just a few of the global partners who work with IBM to develop powerful mobile apps and help enterprises make smarter decisions with data analytics and cloud technology.

Join us and be part of a diverse and global team of thinkers and doers — people who want to make an impact, cultivate their expertise and collaborate with some of the world’s top business and technology professionals.

Business units

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IBM Watson Analytics team builds solutions that empower organizations to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas. Join the Analytics team that is solving complex problems for its world leading customers using latest cloud-based guided analytics, data visualization and predictive analytics technologies.

Learn more about: Analytics, Big Data


Hybrid cloud is accelerating the introduction of innovative business models. IBM is at the forefront of that disruption by helping speed up innovation and extract maximum value from data, services and apps by delivering the cloud for business — hybrid, highly secure and made for data. Join us, and discover the path to accelerating innovation with hybrid cloud, driving rapid innovation, and changing both business and everyday life.

Learn more about: Cloud, Cloud Digital Careers

Cognitive Solutions

IBM Cognitive Solutions teams build industry leading cognitive offerings that combine analytics and data with cognitive computing — systems the ability to understand, reason and learn — to revolutionize a wide array of industries like health, education, security and more. Join the cognitive era at IBM and build expertise and experiences relevant for tomorrow’s world.

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IBM helps leaders in marketing, selling and merchandising, and supply chain execution turn transactions into relationships and drive innovation. Fueled by cognitive technologies and SaaS offerings, IBM delivers the expertise and recommendations to help leaders make better decisions and deliver innovation as they engage with their customers, partners and suppliers.

Learn more about: Commerce, IBM Interactive

Corporate Headquarters

IBM relies on dedicated teams of professionals who develop and maintain our world-class global business operations. IBM Corporate Headquarters (CHQ) could be the place for you if you:

  • Have interest or skills in finance, human resources, communications, marketing, or legal and regulatory affairs
  • Are intrigued by being at the forefront of essential work that influences all of IBM's business operations
  • Want to develop and implement world-class employment operations

Global Business Services

IBM Global Business Services (GBS) is a team of business, strategy and technology consultants enabling enterprises to make smarter decisions and providing unparalleled client and consumer experiences via Cognitive data analytics, cloud technology and mobile app development. With global reach, outcome-focused methodologies and deep industry expertise, IBM GBS empowers clients to digitally reinvent their business and get the competitive edge in the cognitive era in over 170 countries.

Learn more about: Global Business Services

Global Finance

IBM Global Financing offers custom payment plans to help clients manage their money — and time — more effectively. Our global reach, technology expertise and industry-leading financial services address their needs from start to finish, no matter the size or complexity of their visions.

Learn more about: Global Finance

Global Technology Services

At Global Technology Services (GTS), we help our clients envision the future by offering end-to-end IT and technology support services, supported by an unmatched global delivery network. GTS builds standardized portfolios around key assets and patented software, and bundles them with best practices and proven methodologies to ensure high quality of delivery, security, and compliance. It's a unique blend of bold new ideas and client-first thinking.

Learn more about: Global Technology Services

Industry Solutions

IBM industry solutions deliver transformative insights to business decision-makers. By using our pre-packaged industry solutions, customers can now leverage predictive analytics, data preparation and user dashboards faster using fewer resources. Join the go-to-market team to develop cognitive solutions tailored specifically for industries such as retail, banking, telecommunications, insurance and others, and help make it easier and faster for organizations to uncover and act on critical business insights.

Learn more about: Industry Solutions


IBM’s storied Research team produces more breakthroughs than any company in the industry, averaging 9.3 patents per day. Researchers come to IBM to make an impact — on the industry and on the world. From making quantum computing available to the masses to breakthroughs in speech and image recognition, the Research team is one of the most forward thinking group of people at IBM.

Learn more about: Research

Sales and Distribution

At IBM Sales and Distribution (S&D), we show our clients what is possible by developing, selling and distributing IBM products and services. S&D includes specialized units to create solutions that incorporate products from IBM and other providers to meet client needs across all major markets. Help clients transform their industries and the future of business.

Learn more about: Sales and Distribution


IBM is the fastest growing enterprise security business in the world — with $2B in revenue and outgrowing its competitors 3X. IBM Security is differentiating itself as the Security Intelligence leader — and is bringing Watson to the cybercrime battle to usher in a new era of cognitive security.

Learn more about: Security


IBM Systems helps IT leaders think differently about their infrastructure. IBM servers and storage are no longer inanimate; they can understand, reason, and learn — so our clients caninnovate while averting IT issues. Our systems power the world’s most important industries — and our clients are the architects of the future.

Learn more about: Systems

Transformation and Operations

Transformation & Operations (T&O) is about the alignment of Strategy and Execution to enable the new IBM to emerge.

  • Transformation: These teams sponsor, architect, enable and drive IBM’s transformation
  • Operations: These teams create an operating model that works at scale to help IBM becoming an Agile enterprise.

Learn more about: Transformation and Operations


IBM Watson™ represents the new era of cognitive computing. Using underlying technologies such as natural language processing, analytics, cloud computing, and machine learning to reveal insights from unstructured data, Watson works the way humans do: through senses, learning, and experience. Join Watson and work with unprecedented technology, revolutionize industries, and change the way people think about computing.

Learn more about: Watson™, Watson™ Careers

Watson™ Education

IBM Watson™ Education solutions use cognitive technology to help create personalized education that improves student outcomes and aligns graduates to successful careers while ensuring academic institution's infrastructure is optimized for sustainability. Join the team that is using Cognitive computing to deeply transform learning experiences, personalizing learning and bringing in a new level of interactivity through computing.

Learn more about: Watson™ Education

Watson™ Healthcare

The vision for Watson™ Health is to apply cognitive computing to save and improve lives around the world by surfacing insights from the massive amounts of personal and academic health data that’s being generated every day.

Learn more about: Healthcare, Watson™

Watson™ Internet of Things

The IBM Watson™ Internet of Things (IoT) Business Unit unites the Internet of Things with IBM Watson cognitive computing technologies to help physical objects and devices connect with and learn from each other enabling our clients to transform industries. Join Watson IoT and become part of the team bringing cognitive IoT to the world.

Learn more about: Watson™ Internet of Things

Women at IBM

Meet some of the inspiring IBM women who are making a difference right now..............

Corporate Responsibility

Read the latest news about IBM’s citizenship programs and join the discussion about corporate responsibility.

The Cognitive Era

IBM embraces the new era of technology, business and thinking.

Corporate Service Corps

Helping global communities solve critical problems while providing employee leadership development.

Sellers Program

Helping our clients envision and transform the future.

Overview of IBM Benefits

IBM offers a competitive Benefits program, designed to help employees build a solid financial foundation and meet a diverse array of needs.

Key features:

  • Health Benefits Portfolio that provides strong support for employee well-being (Health Incentive Program) and preventive care, comprehensive coverage to meet a range of medical situations, and solid protection against the cost of serious illness or injury
  • Watson™ artificial intelligence software available for US employees to help identify appropriate cancer treatments and options for clinical trials
  • Retirement Program that helps build future financial security through the 401(k) Plus Plan and other capital accumulation programs
  • Income Protection in case of serious illness, injury or death, including life insurance and disability benefits
  • Opportunity to follow leisure pursuits through vacation and holiday programs

IBM benefits


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