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IBM's Systems and Technology Group (STG) is often referred to as the "hardware" division of IBM since IBM's hardware products originate from this area. STG has software and services products as well and these are generally closely related to the hardware products.

IBM Technology is in nearly every type of electronic device from consumer electronics to the fastest supercomputers. End-to-end integration - from design to manufacturing to characterization and test - gives IBM the unique ability to leverage process insights for superior modeling and proven results in hardware.

IBM delivers High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to address intense computation, visualization, or manipulation and management of massive amounts of data. Today, IBM and the industry are pointing to the next supercomputing horizon, which is to break the exascale (one million trillion calculations per second) performance barrier.

We invite you to explore the STG career opportunities below. IBM will continue working with local and regional institutions of higher learning for recruitment and training of potential employees as well as hiring experienced professionals. In addition, IBM will look for opportunities to partner with these schools to enhance their curricula to better prepare students for opportunities in the IT industry, including the types of roles found at IBM.

STG has positions available at several locations including, but not limited to: Hopewell Junction, NY; Austin, TX; Research Triangle Park, NC; Burlington, VT; Rochester, MN; Silicon Valley, CA.

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