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IBM is a global company. We work across time zones with colleagues in various geographies. Be prepared to schedule an early meeting with a team in Italy or an instant message chat with someone in India.

IBMers have a world of opportunity. At some point, most employees find themselves in a role they never would have imagined for themselves because there are so many unique positions available. IBM isn't hiring you for one job forever, but is investing in you because you can wear many hats and aspire to do great things in several areas.

Major business units

The following links provide brief descriptions of our business units in terms of who they hire, where they are located, and the types of services or products they produce. Review the sections to learn more.


IBM is a leader in the adoption of a full range of advanced analytics capabilities. This enables us to better understand our customers by discovering what is happening and why, anticipate their future behavior and needs by predicting what is likely to happen, and deliver the high level of personalization and service that consumers expect by prescribing the best action to take.

IBM's leadership in advanced analytics capabilities, especially in the predictive and prescriptive analytics arena, extends beyond traditional business intelligence, and sets us apart from our competitors. If you are interested in enabling decision makers to find their own answers, empowering people to act with confidence, reducing the time between insight and action, and revealing answers to questions no one has thought to ask, then consider a career in data analytics. Join us, and influence the very organizations that are making the world work better.

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For two years in a row, IBM has been named a leader in the IDC MarketScape on Cloud Professional Services, and businesses across the U.S. recently ranked IBM the as the number one cloud computing provider. Clients around the world are using IBM cloud centers spread across every major market to help them adopt cloud for growth and innovation. IBM's support includes IBM's business consulting division, which features thousands of cloud experts with deep industry knowledge who are located around the globe to help clients move to cloud. IBM consultants are dedicated to working face-to-face with clients to address all of their industry specific needs as they transform to the cloud era.

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, these facilities offer an array of solutions including proven cloud resiliency services. These services guarantee customers up times of 99.99 percent across any IT environment, including traditional IT, public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments. IBM offers Software as a Serve (SaaS), IBM Platform as a Service (PaaS), and IBM Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

These services include IBM's business consulting division, which features thousands of cloud experts with deep industry knowledge who are located around the globe to help clients to move to cloud. IBM consultants are dedicated to working face-to-face with clients to address all of their industry specific needs as they transform to the cloud era.

If you are interested in opportunities in cloud, and have a desire to help organizations move to cloud, consider a position with IBM to discover how you can transform organizations that are changing the world!


In this age of disruptive innovation, the rules of engagement have changed: consumers are more likely to do business with brands that allow them to control where, when and how they interact. Here at IBM, moments matter. We strive for intelligent engagement with customers, partners and suppliers that is fueled by the power of cloud, mobile, social, security, big data and analytics to create value and profit. By infusing intelligence throughout all commerce processes, an enterprise can connect and deliver delightful experiences every time, in every context. IBM Smarter Commerce Solutions provides transformative experiences across industries including banking, communications, consumer products, electronics, and retail. IBM interactive Experience delivers cutting-edge solutions fusing the physical with the digital worlds.

If you are seeking an opportunity to assist customers regionally and globally to: digitally reinvent themselves, deliver a differentiated omni-channel brand experience, influence marketing and merchandising, drive growth and improve performance, and significantly affect change in procurement processes, then envisage your future with IBM!

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Corporate Headquarter, Transformation & Operations, Global Finance

IBM relies on dedicated teams of professionals who develop and maintain our world-class global business operations. IBM Corporate Headquarters (CHQ) could be the place for you if you:

HR professionals at IBM are involved in designing and implementing the policies and programs that create the best possible workforce. Specific areas of HR responsibility include:

Global Finance

IBM Global Financing (IGF) partners with IBM to bring total services and solutions to our customers. Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings has made us the world's premier single-source provider for multivendor IT financing solutions. IGF might be the right place for you if you want to:

Working in a financial or accounting role at CHQ gives you the opportunity to drive key business decisions and influence business results. Financial and accounting careers at IBM include the following disciplines:

Transformation and Operations

To learn more please refer to the following link:

By leveraging new service delivery models for the transformation of strategy and business operations, IBM guides our customers in the development of thoughtful sourcing service delivery strategies. We help them review services and processes, define delivery based on business design, service level and deployment characteristics. We capacitate the realization of an integrated, interconnected, dynamic service chain with benefits that positively affect the entire enterprise.

IBM combines customer requirements with best practices through our offerings in managed services and service management capabilities, global process services, IT outsourcing and hosting, providing our customers with inventive, state-of-the-art solutions to take advantage of these new dynamics for all types of services and processes.

If you want to be part of an organization committed to invoking significant change in the expansion of boundaries of IT, align your career with IBM, and find out what you can make with IBM!

Global Business Services

We live in an amazing time of transformation for business. The convergence of social, mobile, cloud, and big data and analytics is driving leaders to redefine the enterprise agenda. Front-office decision makers—including mayors, educators, heads of security, chief risk officers, physicians and public safety officials—are adopting technology as their business strategy, not just enabling business strategy. This new agenda is transforming businesses, from relationships with customers to every aspect of operations and culture. It's also changing the workplace. New roles are being created that never existed before to meet the demands of this new era. At IBM, we're looking for candidates to fill a wide variety of positions for this time of world change in our Global Business Services (GBS) group.

GBS helps leaders transform their businesses with dedicated expertise in eighteen industries. Around the world, IBMers' expertise in advanced research, analytics and technology helps clients envision the future and succeed. It's exciting work to innovate with others and make the world work better—and a great opportunity for you. At IBM, you'll help us make markets by transforming industries and professions with data. You'll work to remake enterprise IT for the era of cloud. You'll enable "systems of engagement" for enterprises, and you'll lead by example. Don't join a consulting firm; join IBM.

Global Technology Services

At Global Technology Services (GTS), we help our clients envision the future by offering end-to-end IT and business process services, supported by an unmatched global delivery network. GTS builds standardized portfolios around key assets and patented software, and bundles them with best practices and proven methodologies to ensure high quality of delivery, security, and compliance. It's this unique blend of bold new ideas and client-first thinking that makes GTS the fastest-growing division of IBM.

GTS might be the right place for you if you can:


IBM's Healthcare Solutions goes beyond EMR and traditional collaboration for care team communications, improves care processes, supports new care models, and increases access to healthcare ecosystems while driving patient-centered, coordinated care by leveraging new mobile, social and security technologies to increase speed and responsiveness in meeting the needs of individuals, care providers and your enterprise.

IBM transforms enterprise organization's value with access to new and unprecedented amounts of data - across populations and at the level of the individual - for deeper insight, personalization and earlier interventions. We help our customers' implement and utilize social program software that supports the economic, social and health needs of citizens across levels of government and the community to achieve desired outcomes. . We provision and enable new business models and efficiencies to reduce costs, and create new levels of engagement with individuals and across care teams to impact health outcomes.

Should you be motivated to provide compelling and innovative holistic technological advances in the field of health and human services, unite with us to become the next IBMer!

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Research is truly the foundation for everything IBM values: innovation, expertise and progress. At IBM Research (RES), you can collaborate with clients, universities and worldwide teams to make the world work better. You can also get the flexibility to work on shorter projects that lead to quick prototypes, or long-term projects that deliver results over a period of years.

Whatever you do, you'll be surrounded by some of the most innovative and creative thinkers in the world, representing nearly every scientific field. Among other honors, IBM researchers have been recognized with five Nobel prizes, seven US National Medals of Technology and five National Medals of Science. RES might be right for you if you want to:

Sales and Distribution

At IBM Sales and Distribution (S&D), we show our clients what is possible by developing, selling and distributing IBM products and services. The organization includes specialized units to create solutions that incorporate products from IBM and other providers to meet client needs across all major markets.

These markets include telecommunications and media, government and public agencies, insurance, financial services, distribution and industrial enterprises, as well as e-business segments and small and midsize businesses.

S&D might be right for you if you want to help clients transform their industries in the era of big data, analytics, mobile and social.


In today's IT environment, there is an ongoing urgency to discover and create new ways to share and operationalize threat intelligence, find critical security issues and gaps in mobile apps, and get un-hacked when you are breached by a cyber-attack. Unmatched in the ability to help you disrupt new threats, deploy security innovations and reduce the cost and complexity of IT security, IBM can safeguard your most critical data from compromise. We can help you optimize your security practices, stop advanced threats, protect critical assets, safeguard the cloud and mobile, and use security as a competitive advantage. Gartner's Magic Quadrant positions IBM as a leader in Global Managed Security Services. Get the report

If your desire is to empower your customer and elicit their trust by identifying and building a secure enterprise, by protecting them from attacks or responding by stopping attacks and mitigating their exposure, your career and your future will be made with IBM!


At IBM, we know that IT infrastructure matters because business outcomes matter. In a smarter, more connected world, technology is delivering innovation through cloud, analytics and infrastructure choices that drive real-time insights, shares information, supports highly secure transactions and improves the economics of IT. IBM provides enhanced storage and software defined infrastructure solutions in cloud, big data and analytics, mobile, security and social, enabling our customer enterprises to be more agile, fast and intelligently open. IBM systems and servers drive cloud and big data initiatives by providing simplicity and security to your business, by delivering big data/analytics at critical speed, by improving mobile competitiveness, and by managing all workloads with efficient, scalable IBM Software Defined Infrastructure.

If you are interested in pursuing a career where you will make the impossible possible in the software and hardware collaboration needed to revolutionize technologies during this era, choose IBM. You will influence the future enterprise advancement through the design and support of state-of-the-art infrastructure technologies.


IBM Watson is a groundbreaking technology that uses natural language processing, cognitive computing, and machine learning to help organizations rapidly process and understand the data around them. With Watson, users can ask natural-language questions and get a list of confidence-ranked hypotheses that are assembled from a constantly growing corpus of data. As a result, these users are able to draw valuable business insights without going through the time-consuming process of analyzing large volumes of data manually.

The Watson team was formed to help bring this powerful new technology to a variety of different industry settings, including healthcare, financial services, and government. Already, we're helping our partner organizations diagnose diseases, keep citizens safe, and operate more efficiently, all through the power of faster, more comprehensive data analysis.

At IBM, we believe that Watson is not just another computer; it's a breakthrough solution that's going to completely reinvent the way organizations use computing technology, and we haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what's possible with Watson yet. In order to help us achieve our goals for Watson, we're looking for individuals who can:

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