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IBM is a global company. We work across time zones with colleagues in various geographies. Be prepared to schedule an early meeting with a team in Italy or an instant message chat with someone in India.

IBMers have a world of opportunity. At some point, most employees find themselves in a role they never would have imagined for themselves because there are so many unique positions available. IBM isn't hiring you for one job forever, but is investing in you because you can wear many hats and aspire to do great things in several areas.

Major business units

The following links provide brief descriptions of our business units in terms of who they hire, where they are located, and the types of services or products they produce. Review the sections to learn more.

Global Technology Services

Global Technology Services (GTS) offers end-to-end IT and business process services supported by an unmatched global delivery network. GTS are building standardized portfolios around key assets and patented software, and we bundle them with best practices and proven methodologies to ensure that we have high quality of delivery, security and compliance. When we talk about services, what do we really mean? What are Global Technology Services or GTS, as we say? Global Technology Services are services that are arranged around infrastructure services for our clients and business process and application services. What we do is on a continuum from project-based services where we implement specific technology-based projects for our customers, up to projects where customers ask us to run specific tasks for them. GTS offers both technology and business services across a variety of delivery methods. Overall our strategy is to profitably gain market share by delivering the highest quality of service, productivity and innovation at market competitive pricing. With a strategy grounded in quality, productivity and innovation, GTS is helping deliver IBM's 2015 Roadmap.

Integrated Supply Chain

The Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) organization manages the daily operations of the IBM supply chain, and is accountable for about $39 billion of cost and expense. IBM has integrated, across the company, all of the supply chain processes and the systems that support them.

This brought together in a truly seamless way the customer-facing activities like order, scheduling and billing, and fulfillment together with the processes we use to make, deliver, and ship our products and services to customers.

The ISC is a team of nearly 19,000 employees in 56 countries who work in a collaborative environment in support of IBM business and customers.

IBM Global Business Services

With operations in 160 countries across 17 industries, IBM Global Business Services is the world's largest consulting organization, with a unique position at the intersection of business and technology. We're looking for people, like you, who can:

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing partners with IBM in providing total services and solutions to our customers around the world. Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings has made us the world's premier single-source provider for multivendor IT financing solutions. IBM Global Financing might be the right place for you if you want to:

Research Division

At IBM Research, you can collaborate with clients, universities and worldwide teams. You can work on multidisciplinary projects that quickly lead to prototypes or long-term projects that last for years. Whatever you do, you will be in an environment that nurtures some of the most innovative and creative thinkers in the world. Among other honors, IBM researchers have been recognized with five Nobel prizes, seven U.S. National Medals of Technology and five National Medals of Science. You want to work for the world of IBM Research if you want to:

Sales and Distribution

IBM Sales and Distribution develops, integrates, sells and distributes IBM products and services. This organization includes specialized units to tailor solutions incorporating products from IBM and other providers for all major markets.

These markets include telecommunications and media, government and public agencies, insurance, financial services, distribution and industrial enterprises, as well as e-business segments and small and medium businesses.

The goal is to deliver the world's best IT solutions to our customers.

Software Group

Software might not be the first thing you think about when you think IBM, but that's probably because we spend more time developing great products than bragging about them. As the world's second-largest software maker, our developers strive to ensure that the millions of people already using IBM software have the most reliable platforms available. While other software makers cling to yesterday's proprietary models, IBM is looking to tomorrow and championing the advancement of open source code. You want to work for IBM Software Group if you want to:


IBM relies on dedicated teams of professionals who maintain our best of-class business operations, help us identify trends, take advantage of opportunities and plan for the future. Within IBM's corporate staff organizations, you will find the heart of our business operations. IBM Corporate Headquarters could be the place for you if you:


Human Resources

IBM is known for developing world-class hardware and software, and we are one of the largest consulting organizations in the world. IBM relies on dedicated teams of Human Resources professionals who work behind the scenes to keep us on course. Professionals who perform Human Resources work are involved in designing, creating, implementing and supporting policies and programs that attract, develop, retain and motivate the best available workforce. Specific areas of responsibility include compensation, benefits, learning, talent management, staffing, work force relations, employee well-being, HRIT, HR generalists, diversity, and acquisition management.


Marketing careers span six core disciplines:

Systems and Technology Group

Our engineers have the chance to work on best-in-class systems and technologies, as well as the most advanced and cost-effective on demand supply chain in the industry. They strive to improve the client experience, client results and ease of doing business.

You want to work for IBM Systems and Technology Group if you want to:


Storage Technology

Engineering and Technology Services

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