At IBM, we are in the business of transforming the world — envisioning a better world, building the technology, delivering results, and making it work better and work smarter. IBM is a place where you can build a rewarding career for yourself, while also making a difference in the world around you. Discover how IBM supports your growth, enables your development, and provides a globally collaborative environment.

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Career Paths

Lead the Cognitive Era and meet like-minded people with a passion for change at IBM. Immerse yourself in the word’s foremost cloud platform to create innovative solutions to a number of complex problems, from healthcare and social services to environmental change and city planning. Get a chance to bring your unique concept to life by innovating, sharing and creating meaningful work in the 21 st Century. Explore the different career paths available to you at IBM. Apply now.

Data Scientists

Work with industry leaders to solve complex business problems using cognitive capabilities to understand, prepare, and analyze data to better predict emerging trends and provide recommendations that optimize results for our clients.


Be part of IBM’s transformational journey in driving design-led innovation. Our design team of software designers, front-end developers and researchers conceive, articulate and lead the future of the entire IBM portfolio.


Join a team of sales leaders and trusted client advisors who are working to transform companies through innovative industry and technical solutions.

Offering Managers

Our offering managers are data-driven, user-centric entrepreneurs, with diverse educational backgrounds, who can succeed in complex environments, innovate and reshape how IBM makes and delivers winning offering.


Four students sitting talking in a modern office space

Employment Pathways for Interns and Co-ops (EPIC)

Student employment assignments provide you the opportunity to become familiar with IBM's organization, work style, culture and global reach. Salary is based upon the number of credits completed towards your degree. You must provide verification of credits, in writing, from your school, prior to assignment.

Co-op and internship programs are an important recruiting channel for IBM because they help us identify high-potential prospective employees. Participating students are often considered for repeat internships or a long-term commitment of regular employment.

What's the difference?

Internships and Co-ops allow students to apply their knowledge and expertise in their particular field, while gaining experience working for a global enterprise. The result is an experiential education that deepens the students knowledge and prepares them further for their chosen career.

An Internship is a short-term, supervised work experience in a student's field of interest for which the student may or may not earn academic credit. This is generally a one-time work experience for three to six months.

A Co-op is a partnership between the student, university and employer to provide the student with a rich learning experience in their chosen field of study. The length of Co-op experience is typically a semester plus a summer (ex. January to August or June to December).

Types of assignments

Each year IBM offers hundreds of internship assignments within our various business units. Refer to the skills matrix to see where you might fit in. Then, spend time talking with our recruiters, hiring managers and new hires when we visit your campus.

You can see a full list of all of our opportunities here. You must apply to this site in order to be considered for any role at IBM, even if you interview with us on campus. Check back often, as we do update our job postings frequently


Students must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university leading to an undergraduate or advanced degree and must be in good standing at their school. Students should be hired into positions related to their degree.

Return assignments

You will be eligible for a return IBM assignment if your job and school performance are satisfactory and a business need exists. Information on the procedure for return assignments will be provided to you by your manager or staffing representative prior to your exit interview.

Intern and Co-op Benefits


World-class learning opportunities, mentoring and a flexible work environment — you will find a wealth of opportunities within IBM to create the career you’ve always imagined. There are no limits to the opportunities we offer — from design to analytics, consulting to sales, research to marketing.

Our internships offer project-based and team-based work experience for university interns. For Corporate and Business Support roles, IBM hires students with targeted skill sets and provides the opportunity to work on assignments in our corporate and business support functions. These assignments, offered to both undergrad and MBA's, tend to focus on non-technical disciplines such as finance, marketing, market insight, communications, and human resources.

Create your future with our professional development programs where you can choose to be a professional seller, consultant or simply have a rewarding internship. The choice is yours!

Extreme blue

Extreme Blue

The Extreme Blue program is IBM's global summer internship program for top business and technical students.

Extreme Blue

Extreme Blue™ is IBM's premier internship program and incubator for talent and technology that fuels innovation. The program continues to deliver amazing results worldwide by attracting top technical and MBA students to build innovative solutions that align with IBM's vision of 'Building a Smarter Planet.'If you want an experience that empowers you to run a mini-business in solving a problem or providing a client solution, this internship is for you! To learn more about this opportunity and how to apply, refer to:

The IBM Summit Program

IBM Summit Program

This program cultivates new IBM sellers with the experiences and tools needed to succeed in IBM sales roles.

Sales & Distribution (S&D) Summit Program

Whether you are a college student looking for an internship or a full-time position, an early-career professional seeking the next challenge, or an experienced professional looking for a new opportunity, IBM Summit Program has what you need.

Interns within the S&D Summit program interact with other smart and highly motivated IBM teammates to deliver Software and Hardware solutions through the application of a consultative sales approach to clients of all sizes and across various industries. To learn more about this opportunity and how to apply, refer to:

Consulting programs

We believe today, as we did more than a century ago, that the success of our company depends on the success of our people. The skills and expertise of IBMers are true differentiators—for our company, for our clients, and for the world. At IBM, your voice will be heard, your ideas realized, and your development nurtured..

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Consulting by Degrees

Consulting by Degrees (CbD) is IBM's global leadership and development program for entry-level consultants.

Consulting by Degrees

The Consulting by Degrees (CbD program seeks the best and brightest from all walks of life — from business to engineering; communications to computer science; analytics to application development and everything in between. We look for forward-thinking candidates with leadership experience to join IBM Consulting by Degrees — our world-class program designed to groom top, entry-level consultants into tomorrow’s leaders. The CbD program provides focused training, one-on-one mentoring, career guidance, and project experience to help you gain the expertise and know-how that you need to become future partners and executives.

Interns are assigned to a dynamic project team with mentorship and on the job training. You will have an opportunity to learn consultancy from some of the best and brightest in the business as you take on challenging responsibilities and learn how to help clients integrate strategy, process, technology and information to increase effectiveness and reduce costs. To learn more about this opportunity and how to apply, refer to:

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MBA and Graduates

Programs offered to enable accelerated learning, skill development, and personal growth in consulting services.

MBA and Graduates

MBA & Graduate degree candidates join IBM Global Business Services as Senior Consultants in our Digital service line. With IBM, you'll be able to apply your capabilities and talent towards advising clients in their efforts to solve their complex business issues and guiding them through to implementation. In addition to unique project experiences, GBS provides a combination of accelerated learning, skill development, and personal growth. We offer opportunities in both Commercial and Public sectors, across industry verticals.