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"The employees of IBM represent a talented and diverse workforce. Achieving the full potential of this diversity is a business priority that is fundamental to our competitive success.

Business activities such as hiring, training, compensation, promotions, and compensation of employees are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or age.

In respecting and valuing the diversity among our employees, and all those with whom we do business, managers are expected to ensure a working environment that is free of all forms of harassment. This policy is based on sound business judgment and anchored in the IBM values."
— Sam Palmisano, IBM CEO

Diversity events calendar

The events listed are representative of the diversity events in which IBM either participates or sponsors. If you plan to attend one of these events, stop by and meet the IBM team. Learn more

Diversity partnerships

IBM has been the leader in corporate workforce diversity since its founding. In our efforts, we underscore the role of technology as a tool to address societal issues and demonstrate IBM's reputation as a solutions provider. Learn more

Diversity recruitment programs

Think core values. Look for a company that believes workforce diversity is a major contributor to success. Did you know that we employ specialists dedicated to recruiting women, minorities and people with disabilities? Learn more

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