Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of people.
Diversity of thought.
A smarter planet for everyone.


year 2000

Diversity is a Competitive Advantage

Workforce Diversity is the bridge between the workplace and the marketplace, and as such, victory with the customer begins with winning in the workplace.


Acknowledging America's increasing diversity, the 2000 Census allows Americans to identify themselves as a combination of six different races.

Fifty-five percent of Americans have access to the Internet; of these, 36 percent spend at least five hours a week online.


Terrorists crash hijacked airplanes into World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon in Washington, D.C. - killing 3,000 people.

Casey Martin, disabled professional golfer, won the legal right to use a golf cart during competition from the U.S. Supreme Court.


Euro becomes legal tender in Europe.


US-led troops invade and occupy Iraq.

Annika Sorenstam, Swedish professional golfer, was the first woman to play in a men's PGA tournament since 1945.

The U.S. Supreme Court rules that universities can retain the right to use race as one of many factors to build their student bodies.