Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of people.
Diversity of thought.
A smarter planet for everyone.


IBM employees during World War II manufacturing efforts, 1944
IBM employees "Keep 'Em
Flying!" during World War II
manufacturing efforts.

From Crisis, Progress

As the nation emerges from the crisis of World War II and begins a gradual move toward reversing decades of segregation, IBM expands its commitment to working with all people.


World War II begins; U.S. enters war in 1941.


Americans of Japanese descent are forced into internment camps.


Serving in segregated units, approximately one million African Americans fight in World War II.


ENIAC starts the computer revolution.


The Truman Doctrine marks the beginning of the Cold War.

Jackie Robinson breaks baseball's color line.


President Truman bans segregation in U.S. Armed Forces.

Bell Labs introduces the transistor.


Twelve women receive diplomas from Harvard Medical School, the school's first female graduates (two are cum laude).

Communist revolution takes place in China.