Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of people.
Diversity of thought.
A smarter planet for everyone.


Product showroom: Yokohama, Japan, 1937
A product showroom in
Yokohama, Japan, 1937.

A legacy of Inclusion

IBM begin a legacy of inclusion, widening its view of the world ahead of diversity advances yet to come in our nation's history.


Melvin Tolson coaches the debate team of tiny all-Black Wiley College in Texas to victories over Oxford, Harvard and national debate champion University of Southern California. Tolson later becomes an eminent poet.


Death of Wovoka, Paiute holy man whose Ghost Dance sparked widespread Native American resistance in the late 1880s.

U.S. Depression causes 15 million Americans to be unemployed. Average U.S. annual income: $842.92.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt inaugurated, America's first elected leader with a disability. Roosevelt contracted polio in 1921 and never regained full use of his legs.

Frances Perkins, President Roosevelt's Secretary of Labor, becomes the first woman cabinet member.

The Chicago World's Fair, a Century of Progress Exposition, celebrates the growth of world technology and civilization.

1933 - 1939

Era of Roosevelt's New Deal, economic and social programs aimed at lifting America out of the Depression.


Indian Reorganization Act permits Native American tribes to form their own governments.

Massive "Dust Bowl" migration occurs as many Americans move from the Great Plains to California.


Congress passes the Social Security Act.


African American Olympian Jesse Owens wins an unprecedented four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics.


Wages and Hours Act establishes the 40-hour workweek and outlaws child labor.


Development of penicillin.