Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of people.
Diversity of thought.
A smarter planet for everyone.


Supervising C-T-R Vertical Sorter
Employee supervising the C-T-R Vertical Sorter at the Van Raalte Co., 1920s.

Thomas J. Watson
Thomas J. Watson. 1924.

IBM logo
IBM logo. 1924.

A legacy of Inclusion

IBM begins a legacy of inclusion, widening its view of the world ahead of diversity advances yet to come in our nation's history.


C-T-R changes its name to International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation. In a letter to employees, IBM President Thomas J. Watson Sr. writes: "Our new name is particularly adaptable and suitable to our business in view of our increasing growth, the constant development of additions to our line, and our products covering such a wide range in the field of business machinery".