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Every individual has a story, and IBMers are no different. Read what IBM Summit alumni have to say about the the preparation, the experience, and the community, which have launched hundreds of new IBM sellers into their careers over the past several years. Maybe one or more of them will resonate with what you are looking for in a place to work. Outthink ordinary, and join a team of individuals who are proud to have been part of the Summit story.

Five diverse faces in a row
Picture of Laura


B.S. Public Relations and MBA
IBM Client Executive, Electronics Industry


“Throughout our lifetime, we invest in our education, skill development, and training. IBM matches your investment through the Summit Program to help you become a leader and an expert in your field. This investment is seen not only through the quality of the Summit program for new hires but also in the ongoing opportunities for mentorship, training, and professional development throughout your career with IBM.”

Picture of Michael


B.S. Business Administration and MBA
IBM Client Executive, Public Market


“The Summit program is indicative of the premium that IBM places on the training and growth of its new generation of sales professionals. The focus on developing my leadership skills and providing me with the tools to succeed has made Summit the perfect launching pad for my career within IBM.”

Ongoing Investment
in Your

Picture of Faith


B.S. Communications and Minor in IT
IBM Analytics Solution Specialist, Financial Services Market


“There are so few companies that invest so much time, energy, and money into their new hires. The Summit Program is an excellent example of how taking the time to train and transition me from college to the professional world of sales has set me up to succeed through intensive and real-world experiences. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go through this program. Looking back at my decision to join IBM, I would choose the Summit Program every time.”

Picture of ONeil


B.A. International Economics, MBA
IBM Client Representative, Financial Services Market


“The Summit Program is set up to help prepare future IBM sellers by teaching IBM, time tested best sales practices, which are part science and part art. It takes sellers through a number of different scenarios ranging from the initial meeting with a client to closing a deal, all the while educating the seller on IBM solutions, services, and value differentiators.”

Picture of Ashwin


B.A. Business Management
IBM Sales Intern


“Since I have been on board with IBM, I have been able to see how clients interact with sellers and I’ve been able to garner an appreciation for the field of sales. The one word I would use to describe my experience in the Summit Program? Eye-opening!”

Picture of Charlotte


B.S. Biology & Economics and MBA
IBM Client Representative, Aerospace & Defense Industry


“The Summit Program did a great job of preparing me for a full-time IBM sales position. Not only did it provide me with critical training and techniques to be successful but it also gave me the skill set necessary to walk into any meeting with C-suite leaders and feel confident that I am representing IBM and bringing value to my client.”

Focused on

Picture of Jason


B.S. Marketing, MBA
IBM Client Executive, Financial Services Market


“My first meeting after completing global sales school was with the VP of Procurement for a major client. It was amazing how much overlap there was between that meeting and the final simulation in Global Sales School. I knew how the meeting should be conducted, led, and influenced because I had just been in that situation one week earlier in Global Sales School.”

Picture of Lisa


B.S. Business Administration
IBM Digital Sales Intern


“The IBM Summit Intern Program is designed not only to give you an opportunity to work hands-on in business but also to explore different areas from the one you are assigned to. No question is too insignificant, and they insist that asking questions is a strength and not a weakness.”

Opportunity to

Picture of Kristen


B.A. Marketing and Entrepreneurship
IBM Software Client Leader, Financial Services Market


“IBM Global Sales School taught me how to think, rather than what to memorize, as some training programs do. The simulation environment gave us an opportunity to learn how to best handle the variety of situations that we encounter each day in the field. I leverage the principles, confidence and best practices from Global Sales School to be the best that I can be for my clients.”

Picture of Adam


B.A. Sociology and Marketing & Management; MBA
IBM Sales Director, Customer Analytics, Communications Market


“The Summit hire network of resources, colleagues, and friends is truly top notch. You're instantly well respected within IBM and given tremendous opportunities to get involved and give back to new hires for years to come. I love IBM. I love Summit; and I want to share that with as many people as I can during their job searches. It's an amazing feeling.”

Picture of Kelly


B.A. Marketing and Finance, MBA
IBM Client Representative Trainee, former IBM intern


“This job lets me meet and get to know so many other people from a variety of jobs, backgrounds, and industries. After just 10 weeks, I was able to set up networking calls with 40 IBMers! That says a lot about the culture, since I was located in Omaha, Nebraska. As a Client Rep, it was my job to understand my client's business needs, and find the IBM experts who can help solve them.”

Picture of Nick


B.S. Computer Science, MBA
IBM Client Representative, Industrial Market


“I enjoyed working for IBM as an intern, but I discovered that my passion was not being a hands-on tech person. My passion was to be on the business side of IT. The IBM Summit Program gave me the opportunity to spend my time helping clients make technology decisions based on business requirements.”


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