Professional qualifications

Applicants for IBM Summit Program client relationship and technical solution specialist positions should have a passion for and experience in building client relationships, solving problems, and selling solutions that clients need to help grow their businesses.

Professional qualifications

  • A track record of team collaboration and leadership;
  • Experience leveraging business acumen for long-lasting client relationships and results;
  • Motivation to accomplish sales and business objectives;
  • Professional verbal and written communication skills;
  • Empathy and skills to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction;
  • Aptitude to learn and use innovative selling technologies (e.g., analytics, social media) to network, engage clients, identify new business opportunities, and translate business requirements into technology solutions;
  • Prior work experience in client sales or service preferred;
  • Readiness to 25% travel annually;
  • English: Fluent;

Educational qualifications

Applicants for IBM Summit Program client relationship and technical solution specialist positions should have a successful academic record of achievement.

Educational qualifications

All Summit Program applicants for full time positions are required to have a completed bachelor's or master's degree before the projected start date of the position to which they apply. Required and preferred degrees vary by position:

  • Client Relationship Representative: bachelor’s degree in Business, Communications, International Relations, or similar disciplines;
  • Senior Client Relationship Representative: bachelor’s degree in Business, Communications, International Relations, or similar disciplines; Preferred: master’s degree in Business, International Relations, or similar disciplines;
  • Technical Solution Specialist: bachelor’s or master's degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology or similar disciplines;
  • Digital Sales Specialist: bachelor’s or master's degree in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Integrated Information Technology or similar disciplines;

For Summit Program internships, applicants must be registered, full time undergraduate juniors or sophomores pursuing the appropriate required or preferred degree above; or registered, full time first-year MBA or master’s degree candidates pursuing the appropriate required or preferred degree above.

Frequently asked questions

The following are common questions and answers from previous Summit position candidates.

Summit general FAQs

  • How do I apply for the IBM Summit Program?

    Interested applicants apply to the program by searching on “Summit” at, viewing the position descriptions and clicking on the "Apply now" link.

  • After I submit my application, when can I expect to hear back from IBM?

    The IBM Summit Program team makes every effort to respond to applicants in a timely manner. However, due to the number of applications received, IBM cannot guarantee a response by a certain date. You can view the status of your application by logging in to the IBM website at and clicking on "My Account."

  • How are the interview and hiring processes structured?

    Candidates who are selected for the interview process might be asked to participate in phone, video, or face-to-face interviews.

  • If I have questions after my interview, whom should I contact?

    All of your questions may be emailed to

  • When would I start work?

    You will be given your start date when you are selected to join our team.

  • When do I find out what my specific role, territory or accounts will be?

    This decision will vary according to the needs of the business. Some new sellers will know their exact roles at the time they are hired, while others will find out later in the training period.

  • Are there any shadowing opportunities?

    Time in territory with experienced sellers is a key aspect of the Summit program. Summit participants work in territory whenever their training schedule permits.

  • What does mentoring mean at IBM?

    Mentoring is an important development experience in IBM. All IBM employees are empowered to use mentoring as a way to enhance their skills and achieve their career aspirations. When you join the Summit Program, a mentor will be assigned to you to ensure you have access to all the resources you need to be successful in your IBM role as a new seller. Additionally, you are encouraged to establish other mentoring relationships as you meet leaders who inspire you.

  • How will I learn about IBM's product and services portfolio?

    After Global Sales School, Summit Program participants attend IBM product portfolio enablement sessions, consisting of Portfolio Overview, Intro to IT, Systems Basics, and Software Basics. More in-depth portfolio training, including a Software and Systems Workshop and a Services Top Gun session, follows these foundational sessions. Those sellers who will be solutions-aligned will receive additional customized education on their brand(s).

  • What is the IBM International Student Hiring Program?

    The IBM Summit Program hires only applicants who are able to work in the US without restrictions and time limits. For international students studying in the US, IBM provides a program designed to match you with the right global internship or graduate opportunity. Learn more

Entrly-level / Campus FAQs

  • Who can apply for the IBM Summit Program’s Entry Level / Campus positions?

    Current or graduated MBA, MS, MA, BS, or BA students can apply to the program. Applying candidates' academic records must be in good standing. Candidates must have a passion for working in a consultative selling position.

  • IBM does not recruit on my campus. Can I still apply for IBM Summit Program positions?

    Yes. The IBM Summit Program accepts applications before or after you visit with a campus recruiting representative.

  • When will the IBM Summit Program be recruiting on my school's campus or a school's campus near me?

    IBM recruits at many college campuses across the nation. Please contact the student career services office at your university to see the list of companies which will recruit on campus.

  • How can I get additional information about IBM Summit Program Entry Level / Campus campus recruiting?

    IBM Summit Program representatives who attend campus or national student organization recruiting events can provide additional information about the program. If you are unable to attend a recruiting event, be sure to visit the IBM website at

  • What will I experience in the IBM Summit Program's 18-week Global Sales School?

    Over an 18-week period, Global Sales School participants will focus on 15 to 20 activities that drive the performance of IBM's most successful sellers. In true-to-life sales situations, participants have experiences based on actual in-territory situations, such as sales calls, receiving feedback, navigating IBM, using IBM sales resources, and creating sales deliverables.

  • What kind of training will I receive as a Summit Digital Sales Specialist?

    You will receive exceptional sales, technology, and industry solution training through a combination of classroom and online resources, in-territory experiences, social and telephone sales, and structured mentorship that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make an immediate impact and achieve individual growth as a leader.

  • In which US cities would I be able to work as a Digital Sales Specialist?

    Training takes place in 4 metro regions.  Ideal candidates would reside within a reasonable commuting distance (generally 50 miles or less) of one of the following cities: Atlanta GA, Costa Mesa CA, Dallas TX, and Littleton MA.

  • How does the IBM Summit Program prepare participants to be successful?

    The Summit training program includes IBM’s world-class Global Sales School, which allows trainees to practice individual and team sales calls with senior IBM sellers. Additionally, each trainee follows a customized training plan tailored to the role and team the seller will join. Program participants will receive comprehensive training on IBM's consultative sales methodology, solutions and service portfolio, client-facing skills, and practice in social selling, both online and via telephone.

  • Will I receive developmental and performance feedback during IBM Global Sales School and my Summit training?

    Yes. During Global Sales School, participants receive feedback after each sales call and at the conclusion of each team deliverable. IBM Summit Program Managers also provide new hires with feedback on their classroom and case study progress, engagements with their designated landing teams, program participation, and overall performance.

  • What is the role of the first-line manager?

    The first-line manager is responsible for assimilating new sellers to the sales team and coaching new sellers on how to identify, progress and close opportunities. The first-line manager executes all human resource (HR) related programs and processes.

  • What is the role of a Connections Coach?

    The connections coach is the "go to" person for new Summit sellers. The role of the connections coach is to help you feel connected, communicate with you at least ten days before your first day, welcome you on day one, contact you weekly during the first sixty days, and provide a safe coaching environment for you to adjust, learn, and ask those sometimes sensitive questions.

Internship FAQs

  • Who may apply?

    Current first-year MBA, M.S., and M.A. students, and sophomore or junior year B.A. and B.S. students may apply. Candidates applying to the program should be in high academic standing and demonstrate a passion for working in a consultative selling position.

  • When does the Summit Intern Program start?

    Summit begins interviewing for 2017 summer internship positions during the Fall of 2016. Internships in 2017 start in late May / early June and run until early August.

  • Do IBM Summit Internships lead to Summit full time Entry Level / Campus hiring?

    Being a Summit Intern does not guarantee you will receive a full time offer from IBM or Summit, however, the the skills you learn and the network of personal and professional relationships you develop during your internship provide valuable experience which is considered when you apply for full time Summit Entry Level / Campus positions after your internship.

  • Who is eligible for a Digital Sales Specialist Internship?

    Applicants should be rising juniors or rising seniors pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the areas of Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, Integrated Information Technology or similar disciplines.

  • In which US cities would I be able to work as a Digital Sales Specialist Intern?

    Intern positions are located in Atlanta GA, Dallas TX, Costa Mesa CA, Foster City CA, and Littleton MA.

  • What kind of activities do Digital Specialist Interns participate in?

    During the internship, you will work directly with Digital Sales resources to assist with sales opportunities and contribute to the day-to-day sales operations of the team. You will gain an understanding of IBM sales practices as well as knowledge about IBM's software and systems products in order to help develop business solutions for clients.